I believe that there should be more on-fire situations than there are. For example, when a player wins the man of the match he should be on fire the next match he plays. In addition, also when a team has a great position in the league or advances in a competition to the next stage the players that receive the three best votes should be on fire for the next match. Plus the morale should not come down so easily, I realize that this is a money pit game and that the real objective is to make us spend money or watch ads but hey, the reality is that if a team is excelling the morale should stay high for at least a couple of games. In addition, the players that do not play as often, ok so if a player misses let's say more than three games playing but the team is doing well the morale should not go down that much. I am sure that in real football the players that play less do not get depressed after a few games they sat on the bench. I also think that say a player has superb morale but does not play for one game the morale should not immediately go down to very good especially if the team is winning, as if a player gets put in as a sub then his morale should automatically go up one. Otherwise, the advertisement availability should last all day without ceasing.