I can appreciate the small gifts they offered with the new update as peace offerings designed to appease a lot of unsatisfied managers including me. However, these are simply not enough to make up for the way they attempt to rip people off with their greedy game setup. Sadly with every improvement this game surely has the true potential to be all that it ought to be and yet it falls short because it neglects to make necessary changes that would in the end benefit even them not only the players. Sad really because we will be playing a much graphically improved game, basically making it a more exciting and pretty way to continue to rip us off. While I do enjoy the 3D in-game changes it is befuddling to still notice how very little they truly have given managers in order to make it fairer to excel and have more fun playing the game.

NORDEUS, do you really want to improve the game? Here are a few pointers that would make everyone happy, the game fairer for all, and would really detract very little from the company's earning capacity.

FIRST STOP taking away 20% from each team every season, There is a very simple solution that would benefit the managers, not hurt the company, and improve the game playing and outcome. In addition to this, the leagues and other competitions ought to be selected by the teams' quality, not the level achieved. The teams would automatically pair off in fairer draws every competition, especially in the leagues because if you make the last four teams relegate to a lower level and the first four only promote all without losing 20% while the remainder of the teams stay in that level all upcoming teams and relegating teams will be more fairly and automatically pair off in a fairer quality. For example, a team that reaches 130% quality level is promoted to the upper level where it will find teams around the same quality level as they, of course there can be some slightly weaker or slightly stronger teams but they will all be within 10-15% differential or less. Now, those who are relegated will find basically the same situation in the lower level. This puts most teams in a better position to compete in that league for that season. Nordeus will not lose any money by enforcing this change, why? Because managers who want to improve their teams by spending will always do so and the ones that do not want to spend or spend very little will still do the same thing One still has to improve the team and I will explain why. The changes must be such that teams only have so many levels to climb before they reach what we will call let's say Prime Level. Only then will teams qualify and be able to compete in the Champions and Super League. Also if Nordeus increased the prizes for league placing and CL and SL and Cup then it will become an incentive for managers to make it to the Prime Level.

PRIZES: Every league winner gets 30 tokens, a money prize, an entire team on fire for one week in the new season, and free rests and morale boosters for the first three game days in the next season.. The second place gets 25 tokens, the entire team on fire for 4 days in the next season, and free rests and morale for first game day. The Third place gets 20 tokens entire team on fire for the first two games. Fourth place gets 10 tokens, on fire team for the first game. and all get money prizes.

When a team reaches the Prme Level gets 50 tokens, a monetary prize, The entire team is on fire for a week in the next season, morale, and rests free for the first three games.
In the Prime League the first three qualify for CL the next 3 for Super League. The winner of CL gets money and 50 tokens, the second place gets money and 30 tokens third and fourth get money and 10 tokens each. Super League same deal the winner of the Super Cup gets 50 tokens and money second place gets 25 tokens and money.

Cup becomes an in-league seasonal competition, that will be played during the season of every level between the teams in that league and level.

The prize pool will be 20 tokens to the winner and 10 to the second place.

Every competition has three categories of top players, Top Scorer, Top Rating, and Top Assists one should get rewarded accordingly not only the top scorer. The prize pool should be what the top scorer gets now and the top rating player gets a 5% increase to all skills and the same amount of rests the top scorer gets. The top assist player gets 5% increase in crossing skill and others relating to his role and rests as the others,

The impetus of the game should be to invest and you can get more rewards not less. It is not ever productive to try to entice people to invest by handicapping their team. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, you get more managers to invest more by rewarding results rather than penalizing them to force them to spend to do better. This system or similar to this system of game-playing will also eliminate most tanking of teams in order to be able to compete in the next season.

Finally, lower the darn prices of all items and offers and they will earn more because then more will buy the products. It's called earning by quantity rather than greed and coercion through taking away.

For example if now the price for an academy coach is $ 9,99 and let's say 10,000 managers buy one they earn 99,900 $ but if they lower that price to 4.99 $ now more will be enticed to buy them and if they get 20,000 managers to buy at 6.99 $ they earn 139,800$ an increase of 39,900 $ But if they increase the price as they did from 6.99 to 9,99 I bet you many managers that were investing 6.99 did not invest at 9.99 so in the end they lose money. Unless people are wealthy enough or like to literally waste precious money on a game they may continue to buy at 9.99 but I bet you many did not continue, I didn't.