I believe it would be beneficial to all managers if the negotiations part of the game were improved. First of all, all managers ought to be able to make offers on players who are in their final contract season. Secondly, the offers should be able to be countered by an open negotiation process between the two parties. Right now we can only accept or reject an offer or increase the cash price of the player. However, there is no ability to counteroffer a token offer. So If one of my players gets an offer of cash price and tokens if I want to counter with a higher token amount I cannot. Rejecting an offer rather than countering it places us at a disadvantage as we are at risk that if we outright reject an offer there could be no other offer and we get stuck not being able to sell at all. It is however befuddling me why managers are so keen to spend over 20 tokens for a player in the auction part and so stingy in offering tokens in negotiations. So as we cannot counter offer the tokens we are also relegated to accept stupid offers like one or two tokens. For every player based on their star %, skills, roles, and special abilities there should be a way to place a token minimum and this ought to be done by the club that owns that player. I have to give an example, I have a player who has a box-to-box playstyle at an advanced level, has two special abilities, and is at 99% quality. A player like this one if you could auction it would generate in excess of 20 tokens easily and of course, a drive up on cash price as well. So why can't we managers benefit from the same criteria? Please change the negotiations so that we can control counter offers better than we can now and make offers on players in their last contract year from any team.