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Thread: Please improve players movements and tactics

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    Please improve players movements and tactics

    When I started playing this, now very expensive and prohibitive game, the attackers that would end up alone in front of the GK many times used to dribble around the GK and score. Lately, they simply shoot the ball centrally and in the arms of the GK. What is that? It's not even a realistic motion at least makes the GK come out and challenge the attacker and block the shot with their body or feet. However, why do the attackers no longer dribble around the GK? Why are there never any tap-in goals? A very realistic goal shot is a tap-in close-up on a corner or tight cross. Also, I noticed the headers are no longer much of a factor, especially from a ST. I have a very high-quality target man ST and he hardly ever scores on headers any longer, why? The playstyles also have waned a lot since the update and so-called improvement. In conclusion, the tactics need to be greatly improved as well. The computer is very[, very slow in adopting the tactical changes we order, often nothing changes at all. We need tactics to be improved so that we can give different orders to different zones of the field and team, The arrows no longer function properly, we should have the capability of ordering players to do things we want them to do. For example, if I want my GK to come out more I should have the choice to order him to do so. When there is a corner for example I should have a choice to order my GK to exit more from the goal line and anticipate. This leaves everything up to the computer and no longer functions properly. I think managers should have much more control of the match. I do not mind that most of the game is simulated but my tactics should be quicker to implement and we should have a greater incidence on the outcome of the game.
    For example, even the bonuses, often I choose a bonus, whatever it may be, let's say attack, and suddenly the opposing team attacks more, and my attackers miss a lot, most of their shots. I choose possession and I lose the ball more. So please someone explain to me how these bonuses help us if they do the opposite of what we order the bonuses to do. The game does not work properly or better our orders get overridden by the simulator and that is not fair. But I suppose that is what happens when the game is fixed. If we had more control then the game would be more difficult to fix and to defraud us by thinking that all the things we do count more than they do in reality
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