The real changes we need will never come. Never mind this stupid pairing system, we all get stuck on that but what we are failing to understand is that fairness of team pairings in any competition would become automatic if:

1 set up the leagues like Association, promote to the top league as in the top category of Asso. promote the first 4 in the league only. relegation for the last 4 and the rest stay until they are promoted or relegated.

2 get rid of the 20% loss of quality. OR limit the team growth of any team to not exceed 130% in any given season. ( Either will never be done because that would kill the pay-to-play in a big way)

3 reward systems should be tokens per game won in every competition but they should be at least 5 tokens per game won. end of season or competitions (all) should get similar rewards as in Asso. If you arrive 1 you get 20 tokens, 2 15, 3, 10, 4 5 same with boosters.

4 Implement a feature where a player gets a player of the game and gets on fire morale for the next game in that competition. Players should not lose morale if they score more than 7.5 in a game if they get 8 to 10 they go up one morale level.

5 Daily Sponor tokens should be increased every season just like the money is increased. It has been forever since they have not given a token increase if ever,

6 Teamplay drills should not be random if you are buying them. Managers should have the choice to choose the drills they need if they are paying they should be able to choose.

7 Tactics need to be improved where we should have more choices in tactics. These are now antiquated and have become virtually ineffective. Arrows do not work well and tactics are simplistic and inadequate to properly manage the team during the game. The computer is slow to implement in-game changes and often does not. This is because the AI simulator is not calibrated to the coach's orders but rather overrides them to obtain the result it wants to determine regardless. The computer needs to be less autonomous and allow the manager to have more control over the tactics of the team, New tactics should include s
1 split pressing in other words we should be able to order pressing high for the midfield and attackers and or order man-on-man marking of a determined player, double team a strong attacker for example, The GK regardless of having a playstyle or not we should have an order where we can order the GK to exit the goalline and come it to anticipate on corner or crosses in the box. We should be able to order all this and change it at will.

This would create a computer that is more reactive to the manager's tactics rather than leaving the entire interpretation to the computer.

I realize these are drastic changes but if they are not implemented this game will never be good for us who play it and it just will continue to be too expensive to play. All these managers that are so impressed with where they have been placed this season let me know how happy you will be next one.