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Thread: Stronger when red carded

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    Stronger when red carded

    Ok something has to be done about this game like i was playing a team a few days ago i was 2-0 up and the other team then got 2 people sent off and they magically was able to score 4 goals and win.

    Now that is something that should not be happening how can YOUR team become weaker and their team become stronger after they get 2 people sent off?

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    Infuriating isn't it lol.
    When that happens to me, I now change my tactics from attacking to defensive and use the possession bonus. Have a look where the gap has been created by the sending off and focus passing in that area. So, if left back sent off, I focus passing down right wing.
    I don't know why the game does this - I just know that it does. Making subs and changing tactics seems to counteract the phenomenon though.