Please change the structure of the game or nothing will change for the better for those like us. The ONLY way things can get better at this point is by structuring the league as the FA is structured, By the way, that would be so much more realistic. In the real world, teams get promoted and relegated. I am a firm believer that if they structured the leagues like that in a few months all the leagues would even off in quality and teams would all be much closer in quality %. I have written many times in this forum how I believe it should be. Basically, you need to do this, you need to break down teams by % groups first from highest to lowest. then create groups or league groups as it is in real football. They need to have as many groups to include all the teams as they do in FA, then the teams are promoted as they do in the FA and also are relegated as they do in the FA. Basically, if the teams in each group are at most 10 to 15 % differential. In a given season without spending much or even nothing you can get your team to grow in % by 10 % to 20% each group also must have a % cap so that a person cannot increase their team quality above 10 to 15% differential with the weakest team. the first 4 teams are promoted and the last four are relegated while the rest remain in that group.By doing this all leagues will even out in % and every league will become much more competitive. This is just a rough draft, there is a lot of leeway as to how you can set it up. The important thing is that it is structured as the FA competition. In addition, the rewards should be similar also to the FA. In addition, as the FA is structured, you get to the ultimate level, which should be the level that one only where you qualify for CL and Super Cup while the cup competition should be opened to every group every season. All league games won should earn at least 3 tokens, not the one they give now and not always, one token is nothing. Three is the minimum. In CL and SC each level one passes should win tokens and the final 4 teams should all win tokens and other rewards as in FA, the first place obviously should win the most and then scale down to the 4 the place. If they did this this is a real incentive to make it into the ultimate league where you no longer promote but compete to win it and remain in it and to qualify to play in the CL and SC. People should have real incentives to improve their team and they ought to get rewarded properly for doing so. The way it is now there is no real incentive to improve the team and also not enough free resources and good rewards to do so.