After a very long time and many suggestions, I am happy to see that you included highlights of the game. However, the disappointing thing with this and somewhat making the rewatch fairly useless are the two main facts regarding this feature. The first negative issue is the following, one can only see the highlights if they have attended the match. One of the main purposes of the highlights is to be able to look at them if for some reason one misses the match.
The second negative is the following, once one exists the live match or once one ends the match one can no longer see the highlights. Practically these issues make the rewatch feature almost useless. It would be good to make this feature viewable at least within the entire day of the match, whether or not one attends or exits the game. I have had times when for some reason the connection was lost during the game, by the way, this happens a lot, and then my team scored and it did not get recorded. Remember the reason for highlights is to mainly watch them if one misses the game. Please correct this feature thanks.