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Thread: Personal Player orders

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    Personal Player orders

    I have suggestions.It'll be great if we can set personal orders for different players,or at least the captain of the team.It's time the creators of the game to think about the role of the captain cuz for now there is no such as thing...
    For an example :
    1. your captain is midfielder.You can order him : who is the favourite player to pass the ball.
    2. your captain is defender : who is the opponent's most dangerous player.
    3. your captain is wing(aml/amr/amc) : shoot more often than pass;cross the ball more often than shooting;searching for one pass to the striker to eliminate the defenders... Or something like that.
    4. your captain is striker : dribble and shoot;shoot from distance;trying to overrun the last defender.
    It will be more interesting.And the creators can make it for changing the captain to use one token.
    What do u think guys?
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    very good sdw but I'm afraid this forum sucks not one cares