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Thread: How about a bid X amount button?

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    How about a bid X amount button?

    I was thinking it costs so much to bid for players (token wise) so maybe a bid 'x' amount button would be useful? I know it would mean less token sales for them but hell without players it's be even less than that because let's face it people will get bored of spending money on tokens for them to be used up so quickly I bough 160 tokens and have 0 left after 2 days because of bidding on players only to lose the auction because of bad connection and the bid not being accepted or because it got to round 27 and the amount of tokens was ridiculous.

    OR option 2 make it so you get more tokens for your money.

    OR option 3 after the 5th bidding round the bid 'x' amount button appears but you cannot outbid by more than 250k on the last persons bid?
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    Yeah I like those ideas, sick of trying to compete with others who have big amounds of tokens when i'm jumping in for a player and I can only spend 10 on him haha

    Would be good if there was a spot purely to buy players without going to auction, not the scout list but a different area - scout list is just too damn expensive in terms of tokens..

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