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    Hillingdon Heath (English Team)

    Hillingdon Heath

    Current season: 2
    Current league: 2

    Hillingdon Heath started out as a custom team on Football Manager 2008. It was a dream team made up of my friends and family to add more personality to the game and play as a completely fresh team with no reputation. Many successful seasons ensued as I created players with great potential.

    After downloading Top Eleven on 2nd June 2013, I resurrected Hillingdon Heath with the same kit, logo, stadium name and formation as used in Football Manager. Also like the Hillingdon of old, this club prioritises player development with continual investment in training and youth facilities.


    Trophy Cabinet
    Will attach a picture once the league title is officially awarded!

    Perfect League: Season 1
    Unbeatables: Season 1
    League Champions: Season 1
    League Top Scorer: Season 1
    League Top Passer: Season 1
    Best Attack: Season 1
    Best Defence: Season 1

    Overall Team Records
    Longest competitive win streak: 26 games (Season 1, 04/06/13 - present)
    Longest competitive unbeaten streak: 27 games (Season 1, 03/06/13 - present)
    Longest competitive clean sheet streak: 5 games (Season 1, 08/06/13 - 12/06/13)
    Total competitive goals scored: 98
    Total competitive goals conceded: 13
    Biggest home victory: Hillingdon Heath 7 - 0 OM (Season 1, League 1, 14/06/13)
    Biggest away victory: maroine FC 0 - 8 Hillingdon Heath (Season 1, League 1, 14/06/13)
    Biggest aggregate victory: Hillingdon Heath 14 - 1 Bandung FC, 8-1 + 6-0 (Season 1, League 1)
    Highest scoring game: Bandung 1 - 8 Hillingdon Heath (Season 1, League 1, 13/06/13)
    Biggest defeat: Hillingdon Heath 0 - 2 Bot team (Season 1, Cup Preliminary Round 1, 02/06/13, NOTE: This was hours before I took over Hillingdon Heath)
    Total competitive games won: 26
    Total competitive games drawn: 1
    Total competitive games lost: 1
    Win percentage: 92.86%

    League Team Records
    Most points won in a season: 78 (Season 1, League 1)
    Most goals scored in a season: 98 (Season 1, League 1)
    Least goals conceded in a season: 10 (Season 1, League 1)
    Highest goal difference in a season: +88 (Season 1, League 1)
    Longest win streak: 26 games (Season 1, 04/06/13 - present)
    Longest unbeaten streak: 26 games (Season 1, 03/06/13 - present)
    Longest clean sheet streak: 5 games (Season 1, 08/06/13 - 12/06/13)
    Total goals scored: 98
    Total goals conceded: 10
    Total games won: 26
    Total games drawn: 0
    Total games lost: 0
    Win percentage: 100%

    Champions League Team Records
    Most points won in a season: N/A
    Most goals scored in a season: N/A
    Least goals conceded in a season: N/A
    Highest goal difference in a season: N/A
    Longest win streak: N/A
    Longest unbeaten streak: N/A
    Longest clean sheet streak: N/A
    Total goals scored: 0
    Total goals conceded: 0
    Total games won: 0
    Total games drawn: 0
    Total games lost: 0
    Win percentage: 0%

    Cup Team Records
    Most goals scored in a season: 1 (Season 1)
    Least goals conceded in a season: 3 (Season 1)
    Highest goal difference in a season: -2 (Season 1)
    Longest win streak: N/A
    Longest unbeaten streak: 1 game (02/06/13 - 02/06/13, Season 1 Preliminary Round 2 - Season 1 Preliminary Round 2)
    Longest clean sheet streak: 0 games
    Total goals scored: 1
    Total goals conceded: 3
    Total games won: 0
    Total games drawn: 1
    Total games lost: 1
    Win percentage: 0%

    Player Records
    Top goalscorer: Rotem Srur, ST, 28 (Season 1, 06/06/13 - present)
    Top passer: Marcel Sontsa Kenfack, ML, 17 (Season 1, 03/06/13 - present)
    Most Man of Match awards: Rotem Srur, ST, 9 (Season 1, 06/06/13 - present)
    Most appearances: Elliot Uwezu, DL, 28 (Season 1, 02/06/13 - present)
    Longest time at club: 13 players (Season 1, 02/06/13 - present)

    Team Preferences
    Formation: 4-4-2 wide diamond
    Captain: Elliot Uwezu, DL
    Penalty taker: Shady El Mahs, DR, Penalty Kick Specialist
    Free kick taker: Rotem Srur, ST
    Corner taker: Marcel Sontsa Kenfack, ML

    Favoured Players
    César Escobar Fretes, GK (Season 1, 02/06/13 - present)
    Elliot Uwezu, DL (Season 1, 02/06/13 - present)
    Fábio José Souza de Castro, DC (Season 1, 08/06/13 - present)
    Marcel Sontsa Kenfack, ML (Season 1, 03/06/13 - present)
    Lee Omoboye, AMC (Season 1, 02/06/13 - present)
    Christian Wachowski, ST (Season 1, 03/06/13 - present)
    Rotem Srur, ST (Season 1, 06/06/13 - present)
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    Hillingdon Heath Season 1 Round Up

    The League Winning Team

    Trophies Won

    The League Table

    The Heath

    The Finances

    Season Review
    Hillingdon Heath had a very rocky start to the season. An ageing side suffered a 2-0 home defeat against a bot team in the first leg of the Cup's Preliminary Round. This poor result at the bottom of football meant the board quickly sought a change in management. Mere hours after the defeat, local man Tom Millson was brought in to steady the ship.

    Millson's arrival saw a lot of the deadwood immediately axed. The board agreed with Millson to pay compensation for these players so long as it led to new and exciting players being brought in. Millson sought to stabilise the defence and brought in Egyptian right-back Shady El Mahs, who would go on to score all 4 of Hillingdon's penalties that season; and Thai centre-back Surasak Wongkoon. Added to that were attacking options Marcel Sontsa Kenfack of Cameroon and Polish striker Christian Wachowski. Both would put in dazzling performances that season.

    The return trip in the Cup's Preliminary second leg saw Hillingdon draw 1-1 away. It was a markedly improved performance and despite being knocked out of the Cup at the earliest stage, there were positives to take away. Tom Millson quickly arranged a number of friendlies in the build up to the League campaign. His only victory was a 4-2 win while three other friendlies ended in defeat.

    The first day of the League season saw a complete step into the unknown. Millson didn't know how his players would cope in competitive, long term football. A relatively simple 3-0 home victory put many fans, players and staff at ease. More victories followed as Millson brought in more players in skilfull right midfieder Stephen Lokman, Brazilian defensive midfielder José Antônio Colella, promising attacking midfielder Trương Văn Quyết and talented striker Rotem Srur.

    Văn Quyết's introduction saw Millson's 4-4-2 wide diamond formation truly complete and the team was looking the best it had ever been. More victories followed as Hillingdon kept pace with the other teams yet to drop points. The first big game came against the strong MADSANTIER who boasted some big attacking options. Millson bought powerful centre-back Fábio José Souza de Castro to further strengthen an already assured defence that had only conceded one goal so far. The game finished 2-0, the clean sheet being more pleasing than the goals. Tom Millson made no further signings that season.

    Again, more wins followed as Hillingdon began to break clear. The next big game came against goal-happy ridwan FC who were constantly breathing down Hillingdon's necks. This away fixture saw Hillingdon win 4-0 in a dazzling display that showed they were capable of completing a perfect season.

    More wins followed and Millson strengthened his squad even more by giving central midfielder Lee Omoboye a shot at power training. Omoboye had no place in the wide diamond employed by Millson, but the manager saw his potential and power trained him into a central attacking midfielder. Three days later, the training was complete and Hillingdon's strength in depth grew.

    As the season passed the halfway point, the chances of Hillingdon winning the League were increasing every day. While some games were more difficult than others and an injury crisis to players like the solid Colella, reliable Wongkoon and leading scorer Srur, Hillingdon always somehow pulled through.

    The days wore down and after 22 games, Hillingdon Heath were mathematically the League Champions. Despite this sweet success, the team pushed on for that glorious perfect League campaign. The last two games were fittingly played at The Heath where the sun shone and the crowd cheered in jubilation. Nearest rivals ridwan were convincingly beaten once again while Team Arab's 11 game unbeaten run was destroyed in a 6-1 massacre that saw the Hillingdon team finally lift the trophy they deserved.

    Player of the Season
    1. César Escobar Fretes (GK)
    César was a rock in goal. He has kept 17/26 clean sheets where in only one game he has conceded more than one goal. It gives the defence a lot of confidence to know that they have a solid keeper to fall back on. César was always on hand to deal with tricky corners, free kicks and one-on-one situations. César is a player I inherited when I took over Hillingdon Heath and I love putting his name first on the teamsheet. In one season, he has grown from three stars to five stars. His development will slow as he turns 22 tomorrow, but he still has a promising career ahead at The Heath.

    2. Rotem Srur (ST)
    This player only just lost out to César Escobar Fretes by virtue of time at the club and appearances. Rotem joined in the second quarter of the season and was hit by injury in the third quarter. Despite this, he was the League's top scorer by 9 goals while also laying on several vital assists for his team. I expect Rotem to hit 30 goals next season. Tomorrow he turns 20, so he has another good two seasons in him to show the fans of Hillingdon what he can do.

    3. Marcel Sontsa Kenfack (ML)
    Marcel was my first signing as manager. It would prove to be one of my best all season. He was the League's top passer with an incredibly 17 assists. On top of that, he wasn't afraid to score the odd screamer or curler. He is the perfect complement to Rotem Srur and these two players definitely have a couple of seasons left together to keep runnings rings around opposition defences. Marcel turns 23 tomorrow so is still on course to keep improving.

    Special Mentions go to: Elliot Uwezu (DL); Fábio José Souza de Castro (DC); Christian Wachowski (ST)
    Club captain Elliot Uwezu had a phenomenal season. The young left back played with his heart on his sleeve both on the pitch and on the training ground. His early promise, aerial defender ability and solid play earned him his captain's title, which he greatly deserved. He even scored some goals, but it was his timely tackles and invaluable blocks that made him so valuable to the team.

    I knew Fábio José Souza de Castro was perfect for me ever since I saw him on the market. I purchased him in time for the biggest game of the season and he has not let me down ever since. I compare him to Chelsea defender David Luiz, also Brazilian. This guy is not afraid to burst forward and wreak havoc. On top of that, he has a sweet right foot that has seen him score 12 goals; most of them free kicks.

    Christian Wachowski is the kind of striker every manager loves to have. He knows when to shoot and he knows when to pass. His one-on-one ability has been incredibly handy and he always keeps his cool. 16 goals and 13 assists have been incredible for a striker who could be forgiven for thinking he plays in the shadow of Rotem Srur.

    Player Achievements
    Top Scorers
    1. Rotem Srur (ST): 27
    2. Christian Wachowski (ST): 16
    3. Fábio José Souza de Castro (DC): 12
    4. Trương Văn Quyết (AMC): 7
    5. Marcel Sontsa Kenfack (ML), Jack Elenge (ST): 6

    Top Passers
    1. Marcel Sontsa Kenfack (ML): 17
    2. Christian Wachowski (ST): 13
    3. Rotem Srur (ST): 7
    4. Trương Văn Quyết (AMC): 3
    5. Jack Elenge (ST): 2

    Top Appearances
    1. Elliott Uwezu (DL): 28
    2. César Escobar Fretes (GK): 27
    3. Shady El Mahs (DR): 26
    4. Christian Wachowski (ST): 24
    5. Surasak Wongkoon (DC): 23

    Moving Forward
    In preparation for the new season, Tom Millson is set to make some more squad changes to keep the team competitive as they challenge for a treble. Strength in depth is Millson's priority to combat the days where two games are played. It is not yet known how many players Millson will bring in, but it is rumoured to be between 4-7. Millson is expecting some youth arrivals on day 3 of the season; just before the League kicks off. He has told the board he will wait until then before making his move in the market, unless he spots potential brilliance in the auctions. Key positions Millson may look for are: MR, DR, ML, DMC, GK, ST, and DC.

    Tom Millson has been overhead discussing the squad status of central midfielder Laurent Yanz with the Assistant Manager. The Swiss player has trained well day in, day out, but his position doesn't fit in with Millson's squad. The coaches are exploring the option of power training him to become either a right or left midfielder, or potentially a defensive midfielder.

    Millson has been heard to say he is delighted with the current squad and there is a core of 14 players he will not sell this season. He expects the core team and incoming transfers to all play regularly through rotation. He is aiming for another top four finish in the League and to challenge for the Champions League. Furthermore, his unavoidable Cup exits leaves Millson with unfinished business for that trophy. Millson has told fans and players that next season, the League title is the priority, but the Cup and Champions League will be given the same amount of attention and effort by all in the club.
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    Hillingdon Heath Season 2 Preview

    Season 2 sets new sights for Hillingdon Heath's, and Manager Tom Millson's, ambitions. Now challenging for the treble as opposed to just the League they dominated last season, Tom Millson has looked to strengthen his successful squad. The quick sale of out-of-favour central midfielder Laurent Yanz earned the club a tidy $474k. Retiring reserve left midfielder Chris Perks was also let go on a free.

    Initial observations of the transfer market showed some good potential signings. After extensive discussions with the board, Tom Millson was allowed an extra investment of $6.4M in exchange for 85 tokens successfully farmed from the previous season. Hilingdon's first signing was Italian right midfielder Nicola Provenzano for $1.34M. Millson had entered a bidding war he was desperate to win and after countless rounds was the victor.

    In the excitement of this bidding war, Millson also unwittingly bid numerous times on a second right midfielder. This also was a success and Ukrainian Volodymyr Malyk was purchased for $1.39M. With two excellent right midfielders in the squad, this has unfortunately paved the way for loyal servants Stephen Lokman and Andrzej Pawlowski to depart; Stephen Lokman has been sold for $102K while Pawlowski is transfer listed. Also transfer listed are reserve players Ben Sankoh and Dwight Smith.

    Millson's third signing has seen the midfield bolstered even more. Gifted 19 year old Zoltán Kása of Hungary joined the squad for a club record $2.87M. As left midfielder, Kása will be a worthy companion to Marcel Sontsa Kenfack who will still feature prominently for Hillingdon this season.

    Millson is now on the lookout for a central defensive midfielder, a right back and potentially a left back. A new goalkeeper is also a priority, as is a striker. With a cup match in less than 3 hours time, Millson has promised to wait until the results of this match before he purchases any new players. He is expecting a victory and if this is the case, the club will likely take in a youth player on the third day of the season before placing further bids.

    Champions League
    Hillingdon are placed in Group F alongside Italians Velletri f.c (15.6Q), Team Oman (13.4) and Dutch Ronny FC (14.6). While Hillingdon have by far the highest average quality (19.7) and should be expected to progress without any problems, they will still not take anything for granted.

    In the overall tournament, Hillingdon have the second highest average quality. The top team (and so favourites) are Selmantorino FC from Turkey, with an average quality of 21.3. They also had a great Cup run last season that saw them emerge runners-up and win the League.

    The Cup is far too large to scout out for the time being, but Hillingdon are up against seemingly abandoned level 3 team Dimz FC of Spain. At 13:00 today, Hillingdon will travel to the Spanish capital Madrid to face them, before inviting them back to west London for the reverse fixture tomorrow.

    Hillingdon are favourites to win both legs due to their higher quality and having a manager present at the game. How the team fairs with the rest of the tournament will remain to be seen. Right now, their priority is to come away from Spain with 3 points in the bag.