My old thread has disappeared somewhere and I can't find it so here's a new one.

I have made a totally new squad, and I have only one or two original players left. (I do lots of renaming so if you watch UK/USA adult tv cartoons you might get it.)

New team:

Notso Athletic-contostelio.jpg
GK Roger Lizoain: 42
DL James O'Riordan: 33
DC Marcus McFarlane: 38
DC Lewis Brindley: 33
DR Robert Kraus: 30
DMC Bashir Ahmadi: 31
MC Stelio Contos: 32
MC Denchio Pizzario: 40
AMC Rory O'Donnell: 41
ST Cadjira Ehdufu: 35
ST Kane Bentley: 36
S1(MC) Hugo Goncalves: 30
S2(DR) Stephen Crowther: 29
S3(GK) Carl Lexus: 29
My new stadium is way better than before (if you saw my old thread)

New stadium:

Notso Athletic-stadium-lvl-8.jpg

My league is now Level 5 and I won the first game of the season..

Notso Athletic-leaguelvl8.jpg

What do you think of my new team, league & stadium?