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Thread: Preston (English team)

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    Jul 2013
    Preston, Lancashire, England.

    Preston (English team)

    Preston - Level 14
    League title = 2 - Season 2, 3
    Promotions = 6 - Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13
    Best league finish = 1st - Season 2, 3
    Worst league finish = 10th - Season 11
    Unbeaten League Seasons = 2 = Season 2, 3
    Most points in a season = 76 - Season 3
    Least points in a season = 34 - Season 11
    Most goals scored in a league season = 102 - Season 3
    Least goals scored in a league season = 36 - Season 10
    Most goals conceded in a league season = 52 - Season 10
    Least goals conceded in a league season = 7 - Season 3
    Champions league qualifications = - Season 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12
    Best Champions league run = Runners-up - Season 3, 4
    Champions league cups won = 0
    Best cup run = 1/4 - Season 2, 10
    Cups won = 0
    Team rating = 74.7 (4 Stars)

    Season 1 - 7th in League, DNQ for CL, Knocked out in Qualifying round in Cup
    Season 2 - 1st in League, DNQ for CL, Knocked out in 1/4 in Cup
    Season 3 - 1st in League, Runners Up in CL, Knocked out in 1/16 in Cup
    Season 4 - 3rd in League, Runners Up in CL, Knocked out in Qualifying round in Cup
    Season 5 - 3rd in League, Group stage in CL, Knocked out in Preliminary round in Cup
    Season 6 - 2nd in League, Knocked out in 1/4 in CL, Knocked out in 1/16 in Cup
    Season 7 - 3rd in League, Knocked out in 1/4 in CL, Knocked out in Qualifying round
    Season 8 - 9th in League, Knocked out in Round of 16 in CL, Knocked out in Preliminary round in Cup
    Season 9 - 4th in League, DNQ for CL, Knocked out in Play Offs.
    Season 10 - 4th in League, group stage in CL, Knocked out in 1/4 in Cup
    Season 11 - 10th in League, group stage in CL, Knocked out in Preliminary Round in Cup
    Season 12 - 2nd in League, DNQ for CL, Preliminary Round in Cup
    Season 13 - 4th in League, Knocked out in 1/8 in CL, Knocked out in Preliminary Round in Cup
    Season 15 - Currently 3rd in League, Knocked out in Group Stage in CL, Knocked out in Qualifying Round in Cup

    Current Season - 14
    Current league Position - 3rd
    League level - 12
    Cup progress - Qualifying
    CL progress - Group Stage

    Match records
    Longest unbeaten run - 25 games - Season 3
    Longest unbeaten league run - 64 games = Season 1 round 23 - Season 4 Round 6
    Longest winless streak - 15 = Season 13
    Biggest league win - Preston 11 - Hong FC 0 = Season 14
    Biggest league Lost - BvB 09 8 - Preston 1 = Season 8
    Biggest Friendly Win - Preston 11 - IvoryToast FC 0 = Season 12
    Biggest Friendly Lost - Preston 0 - Janine 6 = Season 14
    Biggest CL Win - Preston 8 - Mourinho Canavar 0 (Group stage) = Season 3
    Biggest CL Lost - Filip 5 - Preston 0 (Group stage) = Season 5
    Biggest cup win - Preston 4 - Whitehou FC 2 (8-2 agg) = Season 6
    Biggest cup lost - Preston 0 - Assowa 7 (1-8 agg) = Season 4
    Most goals in a game - Preston 8 - Pablo FC 3 = Season 13

    Team statistics
    Best Player (opinion) - Joe Garner (ST) 72 (6 stars)
    Best Player after season 1 - Jamie Walker (CM) 18 ( 4 stars) avg rating = 7.75
    Best Player after season 2 - Luke Yianni (ST) 28 (6 stars) avg rating = 7.96
    Best Player after season 3 - Luke Yianni (ST) 31 (6 stars) avg rating = 8
    Best Player after season 4 - Luke Yianni (ST) 32 (5 stars) avg rating = 8.12
    Best Player after season 5 - Iain Hume (ST) 40 (4 stars) avg rating = 7.75
    Best Player after season 6 - Declan Rudd (GK) 45 (4 stars) avg rating = 7.75
    Best Player after season 7 - Kwabena Boye (DC) 44 (5 stars) avg rating = 7.9
    Best Player after season 8 - Kwabena Boye (DC) 49 (5 stars) avg rating = 7.50
    Best Player after season 9 - Claus Jensen (ST) 56 (6 stars) avg rating = 7.75
    Best Player after season 10 - Joe Garner (ST) 65 (6 stars) avg rating = 8.50
    Best Player after season 11 - Joe Garner (ST) 68 (5 stars) avg rating 7.50
    Best Player after season 12 - José Belanche (ST) 72 (6 stars) avg rating = 8
    Best Player after season 13 - Teddy Liani (ST) 75 (6 stars) avg rating = 7
    Best Player after season 14 - Jack Howarth (ST) 74 (4 stars) avg rating 8

    Top Goalscorer in season 1 - Liam Jones GP = 30, GS = 15
    Top Goalscorer in season 2 - Luke Yianni GP = 34, GS = 32 (League's top goalscorer)
    Top Goalscorer in season 3 - Luke Yianni GP = 38, GS = 50 (League's top goalscorer)
    Top Goalscorer in season 4 - Luke Yianni GP = 32, GS = 26 (League's top goalscorer)
    Top Goalscorer in season 5 - Luke Yianni GP = 31, GS = 25 (League's top goalscorer)
    Top Goalscorer in season 6 - David Alvarez GP = 41, GS = 21
    Top Goalscorer in season 7 - Joe Garner GP = 35, GS = 15
    Top Goalscorer in season 8 - Iain Hume GP 26, GS = 11
    Top Goalscorer in season 9 - Claus Jensen GP = 11, GS = 15
    Top Goalscorer in season 10 - Joe Garner GP = 11, GS = 9
    Top Goalscorer in season 11 - Claus Jensen GP = 25, GS = 6
    Top Goalscorer in season 12 - Joe Garner GP = 24, GS = 12
    Top Goalscorer in season 13 - Teddy Lian GP = 22, GS = 11
    Top Goalscorer in season 14 - Jack Howarth GP = 20, GS = 11
    All time top goalscorer - Luke Yianni GP = 219, GS = 168 (Updated at the end of the season)

    Highest transfer fee paid - $41.7M - Tomas Stehlik (MC)
    Highest transfer fee received - $69.3m (Paid double!) = Damain Solinski (MC)
    Financial situation = poor - 10M - 20m
    Tokens situation = Safe - 15 - 20 tokens
    Rivals = Nhok FC - 2nd time in a row i've been put in a league with my friend but 3rd time a row i've been in the same CL with him but yet to play him in CL. And he cost me the league title in league 6. But this team has been liquidated (Not been playing)

    Evervon FC = Been in the same league with another of my friend in 3 of the last 4 seasons but in season 9 (3rd season with him) I've finally starting to dominate him and looking to be in a higher division than him for the first time. Another team that could be liquidated after being unactive.

    Pimp My Side = Even though he lives in Warrington (Less than 20 miles from me) he is still classed as a local derby, he's been in the same league now for the second season running, the first didn't go as planned for him as well, having only to settle for 8th with 1 point from promotion. Often supports my team or against my team, depending on his situation, Season 12 shows that he is my closest opponent with only 3 points behind me with 7 games played. But managed to finish ahead of him.
    Next season I was joint up with him and he seemed to have alot of coins left (able to buy two scout players) and to buy the Liverpool FC home kit. Season 14 I was put in the same league as him and he seems sluggish compared to previous seasons, even he's got a stronger team, I did beat him in a vital 1-0 win.

    Stadium capacity = 73'000
    Stadium name = Deepdale
    Total fans = 790K

    Manager Information

    Season 1
    Took over the club mid July 2013 with the club lingering in 9th-11th, my first game I lost in the cup but with only half the season to chase a 12 point gap from my team to 7th and managed to find resources to bring in players such as Luke Yianni and Martyn Osbourne, I managed to do it on the last day of the season. Taking 7th place off my girlfriend who manages Wolves fc (Sorry!)

    Season 2
    After bringing in some players to strengthen the team, my first game did not go to as planned, losing 2-1 in the cup to ALI FC with my squad only being 17.5 and his being 20 I saw no comeback from this. But the next match my team managed to take the game to extra time and managed to score and keep my lead in extra time, thanks to a Yianni goal. After that cup tie I saw my team go unbeaten in the league with Yianni becoming top goalscorer with 10 goals (up until round 11) and progressing further in the cup than expected, I was knocked out in the Qualifying round last season and hoping that I would reach the play offs at best.
    But after conquering the play offs and winning the tie in the 1/8 to maknyos FC after winning the second leg 1-0, 4-1 on agg it looks like I could go all the way in the cup. After reaching the 1/4 I got tied with a team who was better than me but I managed to sneak a 0-2 away victory for the first leg but against all odds I lost the second leg 3-0 with my team having more shots on target, 2 goals advantage and a man advantage.

    And for the league, as I reached the 11 game mark I already had a 6 point lead of 2nd place who was also unbeaten in 10 games until I played him/her in round 11, scoring 36 and only conceding 5, I looked like I could win the league. Game 13-14 saw my team draw against a weak Real Madrid and loss a Friendly which is regarded as the lowest point of the season, now I can't win every game but aim to go through the season unbeaten, and that I did, winning all the remaining games and ending the season with 76 points.

    Season 3
    After training my players too hard in which they all had below 10% condition and only to realise that Preston had a game in less than 24 hours, I somehow worked out a draw against a stronger team in the cup and won the home leg 2-1 (3-2 agg)
    4 games into the league it looks like that Preston could be strong this season by scoring 19 in the opening 4 games, winning all league matches so far, scored 7 in CL and winning all games in CL and reaching the play offs in the cup.

    7 games in and still haven't dropped points nor conceded any goals, but after beating DenHo 3-0 in the league and noticing that DenHo spent big and bought 3 5 star players, it seems that Denho could challenge me for the title, even though Preston were the 1st strongest squad but now second to DenHo, Preston have the advantage by having an 11 point lead and having the perfect tactic.
    Reaching the 1/16 in the cup, expectations where high and got higher after winning 1-0 against Fernerbahce SK but with both teams being even, Preston lost 6-0 in the second leg so all the attention goes to the CL and remaining unbeaten in the league.

    Reaching to the final of the CL and facing a team who has higher player ratings than me, Despite all the odds I can only manage a 2-0 loss, and finished 1st in the league with 9 games to go

    Season 4
    Yet another promising start for Preston, Played 7 matches including Friendlies (W5 D2), the league started with a 6-0 win and a 3-0 win in the league too, but only 2nd behind my friend Manchester Unite.
    Also the beginning of the season was frustrating for Preston by selling their young striker Lewin Sharry and having only 2 strikers (Dickson, Yianni). Preston were unable to replace him for 4 games, but finally replaced by Marc-Oliver Lechner the 32 year old German Striker. Now with the striker problem solved, they also have a RM problem, with only 1 RM and who is injured Preston were forced to change formation, originally from 4-1-2-1-2 to 4-1-1-2-2 or a 5-1-2-1.

    Losing in the 2nd leg of the qualifying round 7-0 (8-1) agg which was the worst game Preston had to endure in their short but eventful history. Now with the cup out of the way we can not have more resting time to concentrate and add to Preston's good start to the league. But after the 7-0 loss Preston havnt seemed to recovered played 6, won 3, drawn 2 and loss 1 and having injury to Luke Yianni made matters worse, Preston was unable to purchase Roberto Soldado from fellow English team COYS. But Preston's Manager Jack Howarth will work his magic in a local derby against Manchester Unite and strong favourites Hayoon FC in successive games.

    But with 7 points away from the leaders and losing 2 games in 3 games, this season is becoming a nightmare season for Preston, with their best midfielder and striker injured, Preston had to resort to low morale players, after both players came back Preston won their next 4 games scoring 12 and conceding 1, this was beginning to be the run around in the season for Preston.

    Preston did slowly but surely find form again, reaching the Semi finals in the Champions league and closing the gap from the leader from 13 to 9, but it was too little too late by game 20.

    More disappointment as Preston lost in the Champions league final for the second season in a row, but still have a chance to finish 2nd if they win against the team who occupy 2nd (Can't say his/her team name) but lost, big job for Howarth through out the pre-season after a very disappointing 4th season in charge.

    Season 5

    Preston started the season disappointingly, being 4th in league after 6 matches, knocked out of the cup in the preliminary round, and hanging onto the CL progression spot by GD, Preston for the first time have been knocked out of the CL in the group stage, but from round 10 the has been an improvement from Preston, better attack and better defense. But still not satisfied with Preston's performance, with with having 3 players who are 5 stars in the whole team, rest of first team 4 stars and only 5 subs who are 3 stars, Preston WILL struggle next season in a higher division. Dispite bringing in 5 star players, the not one player achieved over a rating of 7 in each of the ten games, leaving Preston no choice to sell their best players. Bringing in players such as Iain Hume, Osmar Martinez, Jorge Cuero and Juan Pablo Silva which are all 4 stars but Hume who is 5 stars, Preston looked a promising team, beating local rivals and friend Nhok FC 6-1, but a shock loss came to a unorganised Dong FC 2-1, Preston have to equal or better Nhok FC'S score to finish above them in 3rd.

    Season 6

    Season 6 started with a good cup win over harder opposition Winethou FC 0-4 and won the 2nd leg 4-2. It's also the season that long serving 34 rated (2 stars) central defender Israel Calderon leaves Preston playing 157 and scoring 7. The season started well for Preston, winning 5 games in a row, reaching 1/16 in the cup, reaching 1/8 in the CL and hammering local rivals Nhok FC 5-0. Despite having a good defense, they lack in attack, as Preston search for a striker to ensure that they do compete for the league title.
    Half way into the season and Preston only 2 points behind leader it seems like Preston could actually win the league for the first time in 3 seasons. An rapidly improving Preston was looking impossible to beat and after beating the league leaders EnerVon FC to overtake him/her into first, Preston have a chance of winning the league.

    After being knocked out of the CL in the 1/4, my attention goes to winning the league with only having 2 points behind the leader but having a game in hand. Preston have to equal or better EnerVon FC results in each of the last 4 games to ensure the title. On the second to last game I had a 1 point lead and had 2 winnable games, sadly I drew against friend Nhok FC 1-1 and EnerVon FC won both games so Preston have lost a trophy at the last hurdle yet again.

    Season 7

    Preston started the season winning both cup ties 1-0 against a stronger opposition and having a decent start to the CL and League but not losing despite having games in the early hours of the morning (2 draws, 3 wins) and with a weak attack and a Luke Yianni only being two stars, Howarth had to invest in a new striker with the same Free Kick trait as Yianni. Therefore Joe Garner signed for Preston and scored with a free kick on his debut against Eric FC in the cup.
    After a difficult CL group I manage to get out of the group and beat a stubborn Hainam FC 2-2 (Won on away goal) but Preston can concentrate on the league whilst being 2 points behind leader but with a game in hand but the top 5 teams all have a realistic chance of the league. After a disappointing season Preston did not yet again win any trophies they deserved and struggled throughout the season, despite finishing 2nd with over 49 points.

    Season 8 could possibly be the ending of long serving Preston hero, Luke Yianni. He will be missed.

    Season 8

    Season 8 started bad for Preston, only winning 2 of their first 5 games, losing 1 in CL, out of the Cup on GD in the Preliminary round and being placed in a league against alot higher opposition plus with old friend/rival EnerVon FC. Coming to the end of the season. After a decent run in the CL the league was the worst league season Preston endured, finishing 9th in the league.

    Season 9

    Season 9 started off with a 1-0 away win in the cup against Italian side Inter Milano, it's also the season when long term striker Luke Yianni departs Preston, scoring 168 goals in 219 games. He will be missed. 12 Games into the season and it's yet another disappointing season for Preston, sitting 9 points behind leader and placed 5th, dispite having the 3rd best attack and 2nd best defence it's yet another bad season for Preston. After a bad start to the season, Preston dramatically improved by dragging the deficit from 9 points from the leader to only 4, second best attack and third best defence, scoring 32 goals in 7 games which is over 4 goals a game. Preston do have an outside chance of the title if they carry on with they're consistency. But Preston can only managed 4th place.

    Season 10

    Not the best start for Preston yet again in the league but doing good in both CL and Cup. With Preston spending big, will it pay off for the league, they currently lay 7th with 6 points from top. After being eliminated from the quarter finals of the cup, Preston used that momentum to gain CL football for next season by finishing 4th.

    Season 11

    Worst start to a season ever for Preston. Not winning in any of their first 5 games. Being knocked out in the Preliminary round and group stage of the CL. The whole season Preston have struggled for both goals and clean sheets. they can only finish a very disappointing 10th

    Season 12

    Season 12 offers alot to Preston, dispite not qualifying for the CL and being kicked out of the Cup in the Preliminary round. They had a mini overhaul over the summer by bringing in a 6 star player and and 3 other players going up to three stars. They are sitting top of the league unbeaten after round 7 (6w 1d) but Preston know that this could all change very soon as fellow revived team and friend Pimp My Side looks like a title winning team too as he has beaten me in the past 4 friendly meetings, this could cost Preston dearly or could this be a title winning team for Preston for the first time in 5 seasons. But can only finish 2nd and 4 points behind 1st, but happily managed to finish in front of local rivals Pimp My Side

    Season 13

    Season 13 did start well in the league for Preston, having a 5 game winning streak, but suddenly came to an end and then only managing 1 win in 15 games. The club suddenly dropped from 1st to 10th. Now currently on game 19 and having being in good form for the last 4 games (w-w-d-w) Preston were 13 points from 1st but now only 6 points. Can Preston come 1st or at very least come in front of his rivals (Pimp My Side, Oya FC, Rojinegros FC) But the season finished with Preston finishing 4th ahead of Oya FC and Rojinegros FC and behind Pimp My Side by 3 points.

    Season 14

    Decent start for Preston, unbeaten in their first 6 league games but drawing to much, but a bad start in CL with 2 losses and 2 draws. Game 5 in CL NEEDED a win from Preston to have any hope in CL as they lie rock bottom of the group with 3 points of 2nd but with a goal difference of -2 off. They did win game 5 and lay second and only need to avoid defeat in their last CL game to progress but only managed a defeat when a draw would of taken Preston through. The league goes well for Preston by currently on a 12 league unbeaten run and got the biggest win in a league game against Hong FC by 11-0.

    League standings after season 2
    Preston (English team)-t11.jpg

    League standings after season 3
    Preston (English team)-season.jpg

    League standings after season 4
    Preston (English team)-t11.jpg

    League standings after season 5
    Preston (English team)-t11.jpg

    League standings after season 6
    Preston (English team)-league-table.jpg

    League standings after season 7
    Preston (English team)-t11.jpg

    League standings after season 8
    Preston (English team)-top-11.jpg

    League standings after season 9
    Preston (English team)-top-111111.jpg

    No image = League standings after season 10

    No image = League standings after season 11

    League standings after season 12
    Preston (English team)-t11.jpg

    League standings after season 13
    Preston (English team)-top-11-lol.jpg
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    Cool! good luck to you in Cup, it's the most difficult, but you can make good $ in it, which helps for sure.
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    Don't wanna be big headed and I know that there are alot harder oppositions than the ones in my league but I think that I have the right tactics to win a game and take my team quite far.
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    Very Impressive!
    Big future for this club.
    Good Luck
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    League Titles (2) - Season 3 and 4
    Cup Titles (1) - Season 4
    Champions Titles (1) - Season 5

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    I have never bought any tokens and i'm proud of it, I don't see why people do it, be a REAL hardcore manager and do it the hard way.