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Thread: Noone Cares (yes, that is my team name)

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    Cool Noone Cares (yes, that is my team name)

    Hey guys,
    To be completely honest, my team isn't the greatest, compared to many of the other teams being showcased. I'm doing this purely for fun and interest.

    But if you are interested, here is my current squad!
    Noone Cares (yes, that is my team name)-team.jpg

    Season History
    Halfway though Season 1, Noone Cares took on a new manager, and suddenly people started caring. The team started to win matches, and won the League in their final match.
    League: 1st (15W, 3D, 8L)

    In Season 2, things started looking up. Many new players came into the team and the team was winning most of their matches. However, they were knocked out of the Champions League and the Cup in the quarter-finals by the eventual winners of both competitions. The team went on to be undefeated in the league.
    League: 1st (22W, 4D), Champions League: Quarterfinals, Cup: Top 16

    In Season 3, things just continued to get better for Noone cares. More players joined the side, including Brazilian defender Nilton dos Santos and Colombian goalkeeper José Réné Higuita (just kidding, I changed their names). The team were winning all of their matches until the cup playoffs, where they lost one match and exited the competition on goal difference. After this, the team was further motivated, and pushed on, winning all their matches except for one draw.
    In the cup semi-finals, the team lost 2-0 away. After a mini panic attack from the manager, they went all-aggressive in their second match and won 4-0 to progress to the final.
    The team then won the final 3-0 to become Champions league winners.
    Meanwhile, the team also went on to become League winners for the third season in a row.
    League: 1st (25W, 1D), Champions League: 1st, Cup: Playoffs

    Hall of Fame
    Willie Raj, New Zealander, DR, Corner taker
    3 seasons, 72 appearances
    4 goals, 82 assists

    Alex Myers, New Zealander, AMR, Shadow striker
    3 seasons, 103 appearances
    60 goals, 36 assists

    Tim Baum, German, DL/DC
    2 seasons, 70 appearances
    8 goals

    Sang Min Jeon, South Korean, ST, Free kick taker
    2 seasons, 76 appearances
    70 goals, 3 assists

    Taylor Ricketts, Namibian, GK
    2 seasons, 28 appearances
    Retired having only conceded 8 goals

    Chris Wright Hawke, English, AML/AMC
    1 season, 19 appearances
    27 goals, 5 assists
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    Matt Chessum - Noone Cares

    League Winners - Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Undefeated in league - Season 2, 3
    Champions League Winner - Season 3
    Champions League 3rd - Season 5, 6