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Thread: Champion 29/6/2014

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    Champion 29/6/2014

    CHAMPION 29/6/2014

    x1 one-on-one stopper -1
    x2 aerial defenders -2
    x1 defensive wall -2
    x2 corner specialists -1
    x2 free kick takers +1
    x1 one-on-one scorer

    - 5DC’s -1
    Gastelum DC Aerial Defender
    Tzimas DC-DMC Playmaker
    Popovic DC-DR Corner-specialist
    Defty DC-DL Aerial Defender
    Georgakopoulos DC Defensive wall RETIRED

    - 1DMC’s

    Tzimas DC-DMC Playmaker

    - 1DL/DML and 1DR/DMR

    Defty DL-DC Aerial Defender
    Popovic DC-DR Corner specialist

    - 1ML/AML and 1MR/AMR 3 +1

    Gonias AML-AMC Free-kick specialist
    Rocu AMC-AMR Free-kick specialist
    Liosatos AMR Free-kick specialist

    - 4 MC’s 5

    Ryan MC
    Polak MC Corner specialist
    Pinto MC
    Vlastelis MC

    - 2 AMC’s 1 -1
    Rocu AMC-AMR Free-kick specialist

    - 3 ST’s 2 -1

    Chatzis ST One-on-one scorer
    Smith ST Penalty-kick specialist

    - 2 GK’

    Grassi GK Penalty-kick stop
    Karnet GK Penalty-kick specialist

    This is my team! I won the league with a final cherry on the top win by 3-0 with the second on the ratings, althought I had won the championship by math, it was a sweet final touch to win like that xD

    Below a sneak pick of the team, exausted as hell from the training waiting for the next season, CL and cup to start!!!

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    Players health will stay the same when the new season starts. So your players will be tired going into the next season. I hope for your sake you have some time before your first cup match

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    Dammit, I was hopping It would get them recharged, having like an interception... PFF... I will spend some tokens on rest packs as it seems if things are too bad. I really have a good chance on winning all three trophies, so I don't want a silly cup lose like that... You learn as you move deeper into this game xD I only now noticed that if you don't have any condition left to be spent on training, you don't get skill points...
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