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Thread: The Story of the Manager

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    The Story of the Manager

    pnr8555 - Manager of

    baa fc (2011)
    Mukmuks (Jan 2012)
    AEPRE FC (Mar 2013 - Nov 2013)
    AEPRE Mukmuks (Jan 2014 - Feb 2014),
    Perfect Tactics (Jun 2014-present)

    Other teams: AEPRE FC 35 (Jul 2013 - Sep 2013),
    AVICI FC (Sep 2013 - Dec 2013),
    Swed(ish) House Mafia (Dec 2013 - Feb 2013),
    Detonator Sochi (May 2014 - Jul 2014)

    I wish like to tell my story of the greatest managerial career of Top Eleven, with several successful days to the days of struggles, drama and much more.

    Chapter 1

    I steps up into Top Eleven world around August 2011 when I was about 12 years old. While I'm playing some other Facebook games I saw an advertisement on Facebook telling about T11. I usually mark several adverts as spam, until I have an idea of starting to do something on Top Eleven. So I get into the game through that advert. I was a bit of noobish at that time (as I don't know actually that the player names are fake) so I named my team "baa fc" and set my team nation to Thailand, and country to England. First I thought that the "nationality" is the manager's country, so I clicked it noobishly and found out that my team is full of Thai players. I have to keep on playing with that team while signing a few players into the squad. I finished 3rd place on that season, before qualifying to Champions League one season later. On that season I were playing averagely and not so active, before getting knocked out of the Champions League that season in the quarterfinals. As I started to lose interest to the game, I have not play it for many weeks time now, coming back and check out that all my star players about to retiring. I tried to find the way to keep as much players as possible, but there was no way to do so. That is some steps starting into Top Eleven, and "baa fc" were deleted from that server on December 2011, one month before I created a new team.

    One of the four remaining screenshots from my original Facebook account.

    Chapter 2

    After "baa fc" was deleted, I felt like coming back to Top Eleven once again, since I really liked the feature that you can customize your team, so I get into Top Eleven again hoping to keep playing seriously and making more signings and rename them, but what I saw is that I have to create a new team again from scratch, so I randomly typed "Mukmuks" and used the same jersey color as the original "baa fc" team, just minusing the lion on the club badge. I was quite surprised that I got about 70 tokens (I think it is a bug) to start the game with, probably a Christmas gift. I'm still a noob though, using all the tokens to sign only a few players, and the rest goes into stadium upgrades. I did won the league in that first season. The second season I were still noobish, as I was about to quit the game as my players all lost a star, that makes me confused as hell. So with all the tokens remaining, I only managed to sign a 5* GK. While I'm competing in the Champions League, I was playing very badly with the scratch remaining, before I renamed my team "PSG" and changed the club nationality from Austria to France, and that is it for my 2nd chapter of the career.

    Mukmuks team lineup

    I then come back around September 2013 with a new team which I can't remember the name now, only to be given 5 tokens. This return includes the new 3D jersey and TV rights token offers. I go with stable income (1T per day constantly) but the return only last for five days.

    Chapter 3

    As one of the most popular football game on Facebook were closing down on March 31, 2013 (at that time that game already failed). The rainy night of March 19, 2013 at 19:34 saws a new team being created on that same account. I have no idea what the team should be called, so I closed my eyes, typed in A and four random letters, which results in "AEPRE FC", that is when the new and serious Top Eleven career begins. It is a Spanish team with several talents. The first night I was busy at the market signing about 4-5 4* players with a handful of tokens. Before I then joined the forum to start with a few amount of noobish threads (I used to be on old forum too but not for long). That season was decided on April 6 at 11:11, where AEPRE FC claimed their first league title in a final-themed match with a 3-2 victory. April 3 was the day I bought tokens for the first time ever, and the 2nd time I ever bought a virtual money on Facebook games.

    Season 1 League decider match

    The second season started with a challenge aganist a Brazilian team Morrow FC in the league, we started unbeaten before one of my friend team ANHGJ FC beats us 1-0, sending Morrow FC to the top of the table. I'm a Chelsea fan, so I renamed most of my signings to Chelsea players. There are one point of the season we really struggles to win and get points, before dropping more points and we ended up 10 points behind Morrow FC on Matchday 19, that almost make me quit the game, as well as a 3-0 Champions League quarter final defeat to Rahmad FC in the first leg. But due to my huge hopes, I managed to come out with a win over Alli FC (can't exactly remember which team I beat), and that's follow by one of the greatest T11 playing week in my life. Started with a 5-1 comeback over Rahmad FC in the CL second leg, why I find the comeback special is because the winning goal comes in the 89th minute, before I ended Morrow FC's unbeaten run at 19 games with a 3-1 victory (probably the fact he changed the emblem). Morrow FC becomes winless for 5 games, before I sealed the league title with a win over Meh FC (I didn't watch that match live). That season also the season where I won my first and only Champions League title so far in my career.

    There were not much highlights in the third and fourth season, where we came out winning the league title. The biggest turning point of my career, and one of the biggest demon of T11, is the player called Nikola Nikolic where I managed to sign him around the end of Season 4. He is a MC, and he usually performs badly and below his standard, so I managed to sell him to a guy from Malaysia named "Kampung FC". Without my knowledge that he will put me into the stumble, I added him as friends. The season five is when the drought begins. Kampung FC puts me in the league with all his token buying friends, especially a super scout team DragonRojo. I then discovered that DragonRojo is the master team of all the other teams, and he has friended Kampung FC and several beasty teams. To avoid any more troubles I decided to unfriend him. Despite he tried to send me friend requests, but they were left rejected all time. The biggest frustation comes on the Champions League again, the semifinal, where Nikola Nikolic pulls out one of the best performance of all time to beat us 3-2 after drawing 1-1 at the first leg. Nikolic won a 9 rating, which makes me smashed my chairs. I finished 5th in the league, which means no Champions League next season, and I also recorded my best Cup performance at Round of 16.

    That season also the first season I joined a forum league, the 35T League hosted by CarlTaut. On the first edition it was a very good time with him, I also hosted a few tournaments there as well. The first season in the forum league I finished 3rd in the league of 10 teams, the other 4 teams being quitters and blocked accounts.

    A season later without any Champions League football for the first time since Level 1, AEPRE FC have made two investments, of 176 tokens, spending on bankloans and transfers, including the signing of a 24 years old scout Fernando Torres, who came with corner special ability. The transfer market has been very crazy here and full of crazy bidders from Vietnam and Malaysia, and the league draw has came out and put AEPRE FC along with all the old rivals. AEPRE FC has really played very well throughout an entire season, resulting in a 25-1-0 unbeaten in league, the first time ever in my career, the only draw were aganist Rock N Roll FC with a score of 0-0. In that season, biggest name of the forum July Fourth won the 26-0-0 league for the first time in the history, and FCB has been nearly there as well with a 25-1-0, with a drew aganist a backmarker robot team. That season also saws AEPRE FC reach the historic Cup final, only to be defeated 3-1 by Champions United in the final. My disappointment in the Wimbledon final where Genie Bouchard lost to Petra Kvitova has been similar to this, I have really raged very hard. The success of AEPRE FC and Bouchard were similar to each other. In Season 7, the team has won the league title, and knocked out of the Champions League by away goals on the semifinals.

    The Curse of Avicii

    One season later after Season 7, AEPRE FC has been drawn with a massive team and another huge investor SV Aufbau OST, and a Champions League aganist easier opponents, one of which being a Chelsea fan. The team hasn't get to a good start, a 3-0 defeat to a Bot Robot team using 2* players. Despite having more shots on target and poscession, the team has been cursed much. AMR/MR Kimi Raikkonen, who follows the footstep of Sebastian Vettel as the F1 drivers to be in the squad, has apparently cursed our team. The disasterous defeat follows with a 1-0 defeat in the Champions League to a team we should have easily beaten. After being offered a negotiation, he were sold straight away. While the letter about that negotiation deal still exists and accessible, his new team suffered an unusual runs of defeats. We were knocked out in the group stage, recording their worst Champions League ever. In that season the team also suffered defeats to Real Madrid Club. In the second half of the season saws an improvement, with a stunning 2-0 away victory over SV Aufbau OST, but they were not enough to seal the league title. They finished the season 2nd with better goal difference. Assuming that they have beaten Opsi Junior and Real Madrid Club, they could have seal the league title.

    A season later saws a massive start for AEPRE FC, despite all the 176T investments on that season have been wasted. They hasn't started very well in the Champions League. That season the manager went for the holiday trip in South Korea, which means that there were not much time to work with the team. The runs ended eventually on Monday after arriving in Bangkok with a disasterous 2-1 defeat to a potential rival with more shots and poscession, with none of the players gets a 8 match rating. AEPRE FC were abandoned there.

    Genie Bouchard

    Several attempts were made to recreate a main team, one of them being a reuse of a Level 4 35T League team. The team were renamed and compete on the final week of the season with 80T investment, they finished 4th in the league, but the team were once again abandoned. During these times of struggles, the manager has gone to a trophyless run from September 2013 until January 2014. Before the reason behind the drought were revealed, and it was actually my forum avatar (Avicii wordmark).

    During January, a new team called "AEPRE Mukmuks" were created to become a main team, there were investments but not much. The team were struggles behind in 2nd place. At that time I were following Australian Open Grand Slam tournament, on Saturday the 19th, I was watching a women singles match involving Casey Dellaqua and Genie Bouchard. I cheered for Dellaqua but Genie came out with a win. I immediately becomes her fan, and switched my avatar immediately. The team then gets to a very good winning run to the league title, and a Cup title. That season also discovers the Cup curse, which means when I won the 1st season Cup, my club simply becomes trophyless and abandoned. The curse of Avicii were also discovered as well, which my team will simply suffered whenever I played any songs from Avicii on that day. The 35T League Edition 2 team "AVICI FC" were cursed and failed to win any trophies during its existance, and abandoned in December 2013. That were the reason why I blamed Avicii when I suffered defeats to the team I should have won. The club were eventually abandoned in Febuary 2014 when I discovered a football game, which means AEPRE Mukmuks were also suffered by the Cup curse as well.

    First half league table

    Forum Players League & Perfect Tactics

    After a few seasons, I has no main teams. The main reason of quitting AEPRE Mukmuks was also because of the new transfer market as well. So I have an idea of creating a new team, with a new Facebook account of my own name. So I decided to continue the legendary name of Perfect Tactics, a team which manager Dv8r has managed in a very successful style, including the legendary Chano Petersen. The club managed to win the first two seasons unbeaten, the second season saws an unexpected 26-0-0, and only two goals were conceded that season, both from counterattacks. One season before the foundation of Perfect Tactics, the new forum league called "Forum Players League" (FPL), formerly 35T Forum League Edition III was founded, and I entered the league as "Detonator Sochi", a team located in a small city in Russia, the city that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, and also the fictional team I created on the now defunct football game. The club at its first season, won the Cup and finish 8th in the Conference A. Detonators have won the consolation playoff aganist Rebaixado FC. However, with the effect of the Cup curse, they have come to an end with losing interest and incorrectly investing the consolation playoff tokens.
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