Hello Everyone!
On Behalf of the Chicago Storm, I, Hawks4Life24, would like to welcome you to the
Only Official Page of the Chicago Storm FC!

1. Introductions

Before I introduce you to the wonderful football club we have here in The Windy City, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.
My name is Kyle, or Hawks, whichever you prefer. I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. (Good enough?)
I am the current and only owner of the Chicago Storm FC. This has been my only team, and it was created on the seventh of July, 2014.
Currently, my team captain is Rafal Romachow, whom I've had since season 1.

The Storm in Chicago-team-info.png

2. The Current Team

Now, getting to the juicy stuff, here is the team I am currently rocking.
I prefer to run the 5-2-1-2 formation, although Nordeus claims it to be a 4-1-3-2.
I really like this formation, and it has proven itself over the past 2 seasons, although I have nothing to show for it... yet.
And yes, the bench and the reserves aren't the best, but shhh.

The Storm in Chicago-squad-v3.jpg

3. Season by Season Results and Trophy Cabinet

Like I mentioned earlier, my team has proven themselves to be a good, quality team, yet we have no silverware to prove it to you with.

Season 1 League: 2nd | Champions League: NA | Cup: NA
Season 2 League: 3rd | Champions League: Quarter Finals | Preliminaries

The Storm in Chicago-trophy-cabinet.jpg

4. Team Record Holders

Personal Records
Most Appearances (All Competitions) : Alan Leonard ~ 57
Most Goals (All Competitions) : Zivojin Maric ~ 35
Most Assists (All Competitions: Zivojin Maric ~ 17
Most Goals In 1 Game : Zivojin Maric ~ 5

Team Records
Highest Scoring Game : RpzssSteet SB FC 1:12 Chicago Storm FC
Longest Unbeaten Streak : 13
Longest Winning Streak : 7

5. Hall of Fame

Nothing here, currently. I will add players once I feel they belong here, whether it be met via points, appearences, accomplishments, or any combination of the above.

5. Current Season's Transfers

Players In

Xisco Camacho (Spain) | Position(s) : GK | Quality : 27 | Age : 25 | Talent : 1-on-1 Stopper | Price : 490K

Players Out


6. Housekeeping

Just some final thoughts~
I plan on updating as often as I can, and at the worst, every Wednesday and Saturday night.
If any of you readers out there have and comments/suggestions/questions, feel free to leave a comment!
I will be using YOUR suggestions to help this thread flow in the smoothest way possible.
Thank you all for reading and let the Storm rage on!