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Thread: The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS

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    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS

    Dumaguete City is a city on an island
    Of the Philippines, called Negros
    The name of the city describes the traits of the land
    It means the gentle people, the Dumaguetenos

    I played this game since July, lost my facebook account, regained my old facebook account and decided to start from scratch. Having played this game for 7 months I enjoy it but do not master it. I would like to contribute to a lively forum so here is the account of my efforts with Dumaguetenos. The setting is that Dumaguete City has two rivalry clubs, one called City and the other United. There is also a Futbol Club de Silliman University, but they do not have a big fanbase. Well, the fans of both United and City decided to start an amateur club of their own, and named it Dumaguetenos. They had to borrow the T-shirts from their work place in Robinson mall, hence the yellow and orange colors, as faith will have it they developed to be the best team in the city.


    In my lower level experiences there is two formations I feel having better success with. The first one is:

    Barrows on the three DC
    Orders in default settings except I play with Attacking mentality, Man-mark and easy tackling

    Putting blue arrows is an emotional thing. I "feel" more secure the defenders will do their job. I "feel" I have more success. I have tested the blue and red arrow in 6 training matches against three different opponents. Having the above mentioned formation with all players on blue arrows, and the next match all players on red arrows. Absolutely no effect. Stats and results are very similar.

    Easy tackling, in my view it means that the players try to make less tackles, or follow the oppenent waiting for the right time to make a tackle. With hard tackling on I have noticed the team have more tackles, and more cards because some of the tackles becomes a foul.


    Very defensive, long balls, man-mark, easy takling, counter attack ticked. Down the flanks if opponent are playing narrow formations.

    Three central defenders stops most opponents. But the DL (or DR if you have one) helps when the opponent have more attacking players (Strikers and attacking midfielders). If the opponent flood my half with attacking players, I also change one MC to DMC.

    I hope some day I can find (or develop) the right players to start the match with whole pitch hard attacking orders with GK-DC-DC-DC-ML-MC-MC-MR-AMC-ST-ST and at half-time when the players are tired change to GK-DL-DC-DC-DC-DR-MC-MC-AML-AMR-ST hard defensive counter attacking. With the same starting eleven, so I want the following players:

    GK Smeichel-style
    DL-DML-ML Roberto Carlos-style
    DC Maldini-style
    DC Baresi-style
    DC Ramos-style
    DR-DMR-MR Cafu-style
    MC Redondo-style
    MC Simeone-style
    AML-AMC Baggio-style
    ST-AMR Mancini-style
    ST Batistuta-style
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    Season 1 epitome

    I joined T11 a few days into the season, just in time to manage my team to an exodus of the Cup. Dissatisfied with that, I took over another team still in the cup. Signing up gave me 30 Tokens and a bank account of 3 000 000. I lost the money, but kept the tokens when I took over a new club. However my stadium was 1000 seats instead of 200, and I also have some other basic upgrades done. And I was still in the cup.

    The first season were all about signing free agents. I neglected creating a real team, instead I probably sold a few players I should have kept. But although not finding a good formation and suitable tactics the team won the league and the cup.

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-balance-season-1-day-28.jpg

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-cup-victory-season-1.jpg

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-league-standings-season-1-day-28.jpg

    In the end my favourite formation was GK-DL-DC-DC-DC-DMR-ML-MC-MC-ST-ST Hard attacking, mixed passing, long passing, man-man marking, easy tackling, no offside trap. I sold my only DR, and did not find anyone else to buy.

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-player-ratings-2-season-1-day-28.jpg

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-player-ratings-1-season-1-day-28.jpg

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-player-values-starting-eleven-season-1-day-28.jpg

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-player-values-reserves-season-1-day-28.jpg

    The second part of the season was more successful. The first 14 days I was the only human manager in the league, and it was very close between the teams. At the final day almost all clubs had been taken by humans, and so it was easier to win against fellow managers compared to bots.

    Of course, the new season of level 2 has already started, and I already know that it is not so anymore. The managers that care of their teams are tough opponents. More about that in the next post.
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    Good job my friend, keep it up.

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    Sotiris Stavrakakis

    The first day of season 2 I bought this player for 2 Tokens and 2.2 millions:

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-img_0016.jpg

    He had a very good first game in the cup, scoring 3 goals and assist 1:

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-img_0018.jpg

    Encoureaged with his start I decided to invest the greens I had saved from the previous season in power training. I chosed to give him corner kick special ability - a decision I regret just a little bit. Among his attacking skills corner skill is the lowest, and his shooting and finishing is better, so I might been better off with free kick to score more goals from the free kick. Still we are happy with his contribution so far.

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-sotiris-stats-season-2-day-12.jpg

    I have seen players with a higher value at quality 24 (just above 3 millions), although he is not the most expensive youngster, and his gain is not the best in the team, powertraining him is well worth it. Who knows, I might keep him for his entire career

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    Shock waves in the club

    It is a febrile activity at the club these days, caused by a loss in the cup yesterday.

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-cup-loss.jpg

    Newly signing Avramovic played bad, and him and John who have failed to impress throughout the season, despite his routine, were sold

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-transfer-spree-not-even-finished.jpg

    In todays game newly signed GK was injured, and will be sold too. I am now fed up with the fact that tokens are no good spending, nothing matters, might as well use my tokens, so I bought new kit for the club

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-new-kit-change-stadium-name.jpg

    Well, maybe all hope is not lost, we will see, maybe this striker can score two goals in the return leg and maybe we will advance?

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-celso-nestor-medina-new-signing-should-able-score-few-goals.jpg

    This cup-loss has indeed caused a lot of fast and foolish maybe decisions...



    I did not watch the game, just set the formation, the orders, the players boosted, and let the game engine take care of things. Turned out to be a good thing, had I been there I probably would have destroyed my chances of winning the game. Never give up, and trust in Stavrakakis:

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-fourone.jpg

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-stats.jpg

    Opponent without gk the last 15 min might have helped too!
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    Hello my fellow managers, here are some warm and hot greetings from the city of the gentle people, the Dumaguete City. The season is now approaching the end, the first shock of the Top Eleven 2015 app update has cooled off. We are angry in the Phillipines though, but we are still appreciating the game. Not so gentle at the moment.

    Cannot resist to mention that our friends in Hopia is now on Spotify. If you dont have Spotify, check out there music on the web. Here is a link to a nice article about the group: Meet Dumaguete band Hopia: Spreading feel-good music and romance | Lifestyle | GMA News Online

    League update

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-league-update-day-25-season-2.jpg

    We are 5 points in the top with three games to go. We have by no means secured the title. Yesterday we beat Aura FC in an amazing and lucky match that must have left the opponents in doubt. THey missed the penalty for the well deserved victory and lost the match because of that. If not, they would top the league.

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-what-victory.jpg

    The opponents have improved their team in the course of this season, while I feel we have slumped into a run of bad games. If we continue to loose we will not win. To counter that, we once again changed the formations and orders and introduce maximum win bonuses. Lets see if it will have any effect.

    Champions League

    We face an interesting opponent in the Champions Cup final:

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-cup-opponent.jpg


    And we are fortunate to have reached the Cup final as well. But, and I stress, we are facing the dreadful formation we have lost to on numerous times this season:

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-cup-final-opponent-dreadful-formation.jpg

    We are discussing to change from our ever defensive counter attack style to actually play attacking with only three defenders. 3-5-2 flat. We will see, anything can happen

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************UPDATE************ ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ****************

    Lost the Cup final to a better team. Only had two shots on goal the entire day. His average quality is slightly lesser then mine, but he has a very good season:

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-lost-cup-final.jpg

    As you can see, it didnt matter that I chose to play attacking mentality for the first time this season. Not that it matter I believe, we have a bad run at the moment.

    Big congratz to bagonk FC! Hope to have a chance for revenge another season

    The legacy of DUMAGUETENOS-bagonk.jpg

    As you can see, they have only lost once in the league, its an impressing season they have.
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