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Thread: Dirt FC Daily News - Server 27

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    Dirt FC Daily News - Server 27

    This was my initial season comment,

    What have I learned?
    I have learnt that you really dont need to spend any money on this game to be able to have a good team and win! also realising that injuries are totally random and a pain in the @SS!!

    Where did I place last season?
    1st place after taking over the team halfway through the season and in 10th place.

    What is my current level?
    Level 2

    What is my budget?
    Started the season off with 4m but alrealy spent 3m on a new ST, RM, MC and GK

    Who do I want to replace?
    Already sold half the team from last season and will hopefully replace the other half before 4th league game.

    What are your goals?
    Start the season with a diff team to last season and then finish the season with a diff team than i started with this season also win the league!

    Dirt FC Daily News - Server 27-top-eleven-league.jpg

    so far so good, but the team is not quite completely changed from last season although i have bought and sold a fair amount of players already...

    Next game tmoz afternoon against 3rd

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    just sold another player, brings the budget up to £3.49m when we initially started with £4m

    im always on the look out for FA's, ill train them and sell them on..

    looks like my night of trading has finished though, so i will be starting again bright and early when the best time to buy is