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Following last season's exploit, we only had 238 T available for this season, hence we focused hardly on making them count. No youngsters were bought this season, replaced from (luckily) three 22 yo scouts which, being all Q59, easily reached 7* with little to none green usage (respectively: 6, 6, 8 sps away from the star). Those are: G.Basualdo, A.Altun, B.Wayne. WIth what we spared, we acquired 100 greens which added to a good reserve of spared ones. We focused only on the youngster titulars (all the ones between 19-21 yo) and sped up their star's regain. Most of them were Q58 or nearing that, so we succesfully managed to accomplih the goal sparing 12 greens. The rest of the bunch will most probably retain the star through this or next season.