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Thread: Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)

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    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-farnebofjardens-club-jerseys-emblem.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-club-details.jpg


    Balancing the books. I do not buy tokens, I do download an app once in a while when it is available for 5-6 tokens. However, sometimes tokens are not paid out, and sometimes there are not many offers, and that means I have to be careful how I spend them. With 28-35 tokens a season I can buy 7-8 players on the transfer market if I am patient, and that is all we need to keep a team of 11-12 good players. I also want to rename players I intend to keep for a while. If possible, I want to increase my tokens from one season to another.

    Green packs. The first season I were able to collect over 600 greens. Already in season 2 I am lucky if watching videos give me 3, 4, 5 greens a day. So, I will not be able to powertrain my players. Greens will be used to boost my starting 11 before important games.

    Building the team. The first season was a preparation to give the treble a shot, that means winning the League, Cup and Champions League in the same season (as it turned out did not win CL though). I collected as many reds, greens and tokens as possible. At the end of that season I sold all of my better players except 1 – the GK Färnebo (renamed by me). I kept the 3* youngsters of the team, renamed them (their names influenced by famous IFK Göteborg players) and started to train them to multiple positions and special ability to keep them at low stars as long as possible. These 10 players will be the core of my team for years to come, lowering the quality and hopefully getting less tough opponents. Every year I will keep four star players to build on, and purchase 7 new players to have a top 11 giving me a chance on the treble each year. I build the team to win the treble.

    Most important players. It is about winning games, and to win games you need to score goals. For that I will try to have a striker and a couple of attacking midfielders that has higher quality then the rest of my team and the competition. I also believe a quality keeper is necessary - especially in the cups.

    Formation. Not many opponents play wide DM and that makes playing with AMR and AML very effective. Two strikers boost each other sometimes, but that comes at the expense of having an extra central midfielder. And 4 flat at the back is sufficient to stop most opponents of same or lower quality. I play them with defending arrows, just personal taste. When oppos have less quality it is enough with 2 CM. My theory is that when facing stronger opponents you need to balance the team more with 5 defending players (d and dm) and 5 attacking players.

    Orders. I have not figured out orders yet except maybe to NOT play short passing against an opponent with many midfielders.

    Watching live games. I try to watch the games as it gives me the chance to correct misfiring tactics. If oppo play better I make a change of orders after 30 minutes – most often that means go back to the default orders with counter attack ticked in. If nothing happens I make another change after 60 minutes to attacking with hard tackling and a substitute or two and if oppo plays without dmc I put an AMC on field. Listen to your assistant to learn about the basics of the game, but make your own decisions, he is like a chess player that knows all the openings but sucks in the endgame.

    Impressive teams.

    IFK Göteborg 1990-1995 under excellent coach Roger Gustafsson. Won the domestic league 5 times and good results against top teams in Champions league. Some memorable results are vs Barcelona 2-1, Milan 2-1, Man U 3-1, PSV 3-0, Porto 1-0.

    Playing with domestic players, semi-proffessional, what was behind the success? Some points are:

    *Tactics: 4-2-3-1. On paper 442, those days everybody had to play it, but in reality Roger Gustafsson tweaked it. One of the striker positions was held by Stefan Rehn. Golden feet, excellent passes and shots, creativity and eyecatching moves but unfortunately low speed, so he was more of a second wave playmaker. Not so deep lying as Pirlo. In T11 terms, probably a MC playmaker with forward arrow. The lone striker, often Stefan Pettersson, was deep lying often slipped into a AMC role. T11 striker with back arrow. The wide midfielders were very offensive, often starting runs from attacking midfield positions running into the penalty area. AML and AMR with forward arrows - Jesper Blomkvist and Peter Eriksson/Mikael Martinsson. Two hard working midfielders, box to box players. Magnus Erlingmark and Stefan Lindqvist. Magnus played everything from DC to Striker and Stefan DMC to Striker. Magnus stronger in the air, Stefan slightly better passing the ball. A good partnership, like Albelda/Baraja or Mascherano/Alonso and here might be the key to their success. In T11 they are DMC with forward arrows or MC with back arrows. The four defenders with DL Mikael Nilsson and DR Pontus Kåmark coming forward on occasion, Magnus Johansson/Johan Olsson strong aerial defenders and Joachim Björklund super fast. The whole defensive line was fast and that allowed them to push it forward and press the opponent further up. Spectacular short goalkeeper Tomas Ravelli between the posts went on to win Sweden a World Cup bronze medal.

    Valencia 2002-2004 won la liga two times with its rock solid defense with Roberto Ayala in my view as the outstanding player – he just couldn’t be passed those days. Neverending hard work from David Albelda, Ruben Baraja and Amedeo Carboni. I was never that impressed with attacking players like Angulo and Mista, but they won so they also must have been good. Pablo Aimar and expecially Vicente Rodrigues gave the team the flair and speed they needed, Aimar from the center of the midfield and Vicente cutting in from an AML position.

    The important AML position. In fact, some of my favorite players are AML cutting in. Jesper Blomqvist, Marc Overmars, Giuseppe Signori, Vicente Rodrigues, Thiery Henry, Ryan Giggs and Pavel Nedved. I believe Christiano Ronaldo prove how lethal this type of player can be. Rivaldo, Ronaldhinho, Hazard and Neymar are other examples of this, although they are not my favorite players.

    Favorite players

    Gabriel Batistuta, for his name and for his ability scoring goals. Abel Balbo, mainly for his name but also his neat looks and good performances for Roma and Argentina. The perfect partner for a world class striker. Claudio Caniggia, for his name. Diego Simeone for being all over the place the year Atletico Madrid won La Liga. Cafu for being the best player.

    Best player ever

    I can only pick one of all the players I have seen myself. Starting with Diego Maradona, and while he was very good I would prefer Zinedine Zidane. No one else have had the ability to beam himself out of a tricky situation and suddenly having all the time and space in the world to make a pass or shot. Also the best volley shot of all times that I have seen. But there can be only one, and this one is Cafu. Marcos Evangelista de Morais. That he is the most capped Brazilian player says everything.

    Season 1
    Cup 1st, League 1st

    Season 2
    Cup 1st, League 1st, Champ L 2nd

    Season 3
    Cup 1st, League 1st, Champ L 1st

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    symbol of your team is nice, can u show more pics about formation, trophy ???

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    It will come, one reason I'm doing this thread is to remember the seasons and players of the team. Back in those days I played Championship Manager 2 - I vaguely remember some players but don't have any screenshots. Now I will keep records. The beauty of Top Eleven though is the community and the diversity created by all the managers. Makes it interesting every day.

    I played before for 9 months, but I got fed up (my bad) and eventually lost the team. This time I will follow the boys from level 1 and see where the road goes.
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    I can say that that's a unique name
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    Season 1 elicitation

    On a Monday of all days:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0031.jpg

    Won the Cup:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0054.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0004.jpg

    I started playing Defensive with force counterattacks on (the only orders changed from default), but at halftime Epson FC had 3-1 in shots on target and had created more chances. Having no goals scored at half time felt fortunate for us. At half time I replaced CM Mild and changed orders to hard attacking. No more chances for the opponent in the second half as we started create chances and score goals.

    Now I sell 5-stars Croci-Torci, Gavrila and Tosh to be replaced with 29-quality veterans next season. Thank you guys for excellent seasons that helped the team to win the league and the Cup

    Cup games: 4-0, 1-0, 4-2, 2-1, 0-1, 2-0, 2-0, 6-0, 4-0, 6-0, 2-0, 5-1, 3-0.

    Last league game is 02:28 on Sunday morning, so I am not sure I will be awake to document that. So I release the pictures of the team and the league in advance:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-leage-standing.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-stats.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-team-overview.jpg

    Toughest opponent of the year was Sipan FC, loss 1-4 away and 1-1 at home. That loss was also the last game we played classic 4-4-2 – after that we relied on one-striker formations, mostly 4-4-1-1. Played defensive with counter attack on. The whole team performed worse when we didn’t play a 5* striker. Let in more goals. Couldn’t score on the freekick. Lesser quality teams outplayed us. But when we fielded that striker it was possible to beat even higher quality team. First 34 year old Borriello got injured in a training match for 20 days, I sacked him. The next 5* striker I bought was 22 year old Scottish Steve Milne, after 6 games and 6 goals he also got severely injured and got sold. 5* Mark Tosh replaced him at an age of 31, played only one game – the cup final, scored one goal and was sold. Here is the deal: If there can be only one, I want that one to be a high quality striker.

    League results: 5-0, 2-1, 1-0, 2-1, 4-1, 1-0, 2-0, 5-2, 6-0, 1-4, 3-0, 0-2, 2-0, 0-0, 1-1, 3-1, 3-0, 4-1, 2-2, 2-1, 3-0, 4-0, 1-1, 1-2, 3-2, 3-1

    Won the last game

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0063.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0064.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0065.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0066.jpg

    See the 1* player? Yes, I bought him for 1 token. Added him as a favourite, reloaded the game and it was possible to bid for him. Super slow trainer he is.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0067.jpg
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    Season 2

    Going into season two with this tactics:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0009.jpg

    Thanks to Memer and his memer style, I believe Hard attacking combined with force counter on can work. But, during this season I will try to find out what works best, counter on or off.

    During season 1 the long ball style improved my defense. As if a short ball get intercepted the oppponent has the ability to start a counter attack much more easy. So I go for long ball to improve defense. That is also why I want my four midfielders to have forward arrows to support attack. As of now, only one of my midfielders has the AM role - if possible I will try to pick up midfielders during the season.

    I have been undecided wether to play 5-4-1 or 4-5-1 - Memer has proved that 5 flat defense work with attacking mode - but I managed to pick up a DMC Nordgren, gave him playmaker role, and he has played well in the first few games (weak opponents). He gained between 35-55 every training on 30 % mode so it didn't take too long go give him special ability. Now I hope that my defense line will allways give him the ball so he can hit the long ball to one of the five guys in front of him. The oppo will of course mark him, but if he is somewhat like Xavi, Pirlo or Marcos Senna, he will find space.

    *Update day 5*

    Lost the first leg of the Cup against inferior team in terms of quality. 13 vs 18,8. One of the reasons might be instability in the team due to many player transfers. My goal going into the season was to sign 3-4 veteran players of good quality. The first batch of veterans just played poorly and I decided to sell them. It has been hard to find the right players though. Have spent a lot of tokens on failed auctions, but also managed to sign some.

    DMC Niedzielski 3.65M (5*) - given special ability playmaker - renamed Luka Modric and sold for 6.83M
    S Igor Molle 383K (5*) - sold for 454K
    LD Dalibor Marovic 541K (5*)
    CM Nicolai Schürg 499K (5*) - sold for 536K
    LM Di Biasi 454K (5*)
    MR Sobotka 563K (5*) - renamed David Beckham sold for 588K
    RD Gul 1.03M (3*)
    RM Vilca 890K (3*)
    S Petukhov 1.07M (3*) - trained to 24q (4*) - renamed Robert Lewandowski and sold for 2.69M
    CM Kakkavas 1.27M with corner kick specialist (3*) - trained to 24q (4*) - renamed David Silva and sold for 4.65M
    LD Schirra 718K (3*)

    Have also sold 5 players form season 1.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-players-.jpg

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-players-out.jpg

    I have a feeling that hasty impatient manager decisions is ruining the team - the tokens and packs are disappearing fast now. To replace some of the above players we have signed two scouts at the cost of 54 and 69 tokens.

    Wanted to give my back-up defenders a chance to play, the second leg of the Champoins League semi-final. But seems two stars are not enough:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-2-stars.jpg

    Swopped two def at half-time, changed also from defensive counter to hard attacking:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-result.jpg

    The team has let in goals early in other games to this season, but not two goals. The second was a free kick. I will keep my eyes on this to see if a def-line, contrary to my theory, of lesser stars just is not enough.

    Another thing I want to mention is that my low quality players from season 1 are developing too fast! I want them at a lesser quality, but I am not willing to stop training them, they deserve to reach their potential so I train them but do not spend green packs on them. Two of them are already on three stars, and most of them soon have three positions and special ability. They train so fast!


    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-cupvictory.jpg

    8-0, 6-0, 1-3, 4-1 extra time, 6-1, 6-3, 4-2, 4-0, 3-0, 5-1, 3-0, 6-0, 2-1.
    Toughest opponent Jhonatan, losing 1-3 in the first leg and the final opponent, den336 FC who played ultra defensive and kept our team from winning easy.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-defensive.jpg

    Runner up in Champions League - lost to my new friend:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-lost-champs-finals.jpg

    Asked my players to play man-to-man marking for the first time this season. It did not go well as my reliable AMR first caused the penalty kick and then got sent off in the 41st minute. After that Fighter played very solid and was close to score more goals. My Gk saved 7 times but still got a very bad rating. Since being renamed Laudrup has not been up to his game as well.

    Congratulations to Hongkong! As for us, we'll make another attempt next season

    All the games: 2-0, 3-0, 1-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 3-0, 5-0, 4-1, 3-0, 7-1, 7-2, 1-2


    The most valuable player on the transfer market I saw was 4.17. I think it was hard to find good players. The team i finally put together with 5* and 6-7* players did not perform as well as they should have, considering the quality of the competition in all three tournaments. I keep my 10 trusted substitutes, four of the best and sell the rest.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0011.jpgFärnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0013.jpg

    The last day of the league season I played 1-1 - my first lost points in the league. Did not have any oppos with players out of position ( well, maybe 1 player in 2-3 teams most, but no outfield playing gk) so did not give room for to many mistakes. Only missed 2 games the whole season both 1-0 victories.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0018.jpgFärnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0019.jpg

    And this is how my players trained the last day of the season.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0012.jpg

    And the player perfomances of the 14 chosen players:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0017.jpg
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    Player of the year

    Each season I will give the best player of the year the greatest honor: being renamed and given a jersey number of a one great footballer. The award is subjective to my view and might be altered from year to year.

    SEASON 2

    This player single feetadly saved us in the second round of the cup, scoring two and assisting one in the 3-1 home victory that eventually gave us the CUP-title. He also scored the decisive goal in the finale. Bought for 69 tokens he has led the team both in quality and in performances, assist and goals the entire season.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-matthew-vittiglia.jpg

    Influenced by Michael Laudrup, one of the best attacking midfielder for Denmark, Ajax, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid it is an honor to:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-mikkel-laudrup.jpg

    SEASON 3

    Vilca and Kok had crazy good last week of the season, but Laudrup once again played on a different level through-out the season. He was man of the match almost half of the Cup and CL games he played, so once again he is the player of the year.

    Kok and Vilca get another fine reward - they keep their places in the team and for the feared "the three musketeers of Färnebofjärdens".

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0051.jpg
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    Red face Season 3

    New season and new possibilities. Have decided to take a somewhat more relaxed attitude and give the players I sign a good chance to prove themselves.

    Sunday morning transfer market was only 3* players though but decided to give three of them a chance in my team - they are much better then my 1-2* subs anyway.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-tre-star-players.jpg

    A couple of hours later a highly valuable player was available, and I bought him. After that the competition on the market was just crazy, but I also picked up a retiring free agent. I only have Sten Rehn, 1* central midfielder from before so it is a much needed addition to the squad. I doubt he will last more than one week in the team - but hopefully he proves me wrong:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-good-additions.jpg

    I still have 15M available to spend on the market, and I am looking for three 5* players, preferably 18 year old fast-trainers, one DL, one MC and one MC or DMC. I'll check the market on Tuesday moring after the league draw - I am afraid the league draw will be harder if I sign more 5* players now.

    As for the formation I want to imitate IFK Göteborg form the Roger Gustafsson era - GK-DL-DC-DC-DR-DMC-DMC-MC-AML-AMR-ST with some tweaks on the arrows. Let us see what can be done with that only if I find the right player on the market.

    Decided to sell Glenn Olsson. So sad. My first season golden talents are going away one by one, Magnus Mild season 2 and now this one. Realized it is pointless to have 5 backup defenders when I only play with 4. So now I am down to 9 backup-players and that in turn allows me to have 13 better players in the squad. Of those 13 I will give 5 the honor to be kept for a new season.

    Also purchased Luigi Tittarelli for one token. 18 year old, 33q and 5.1M. I saw one player with 5.9 value - but he had other bidders. Also spent 3 tokens on auctions lost. I only have a 1* left defender, so badly need one.

    Tough situation now. I have 6 players above 3* quality. I have been rammed by injuries - 5 of them on those players. Only the under-performing scout form season 2 Bas Kok has avoided injury, but he avoids scoring goals anyway.

    I lost first leg of the cup and two times in Champions League against a player with the same approach as me (keep low quality players and buy new better ones every season) only he plays it better or now how to avoid injuries.

    I would say the approach works very well, but others play the same way so it does not guarantee silverware.

    But Nordeuas has taken the "unexpected" elements of the game to far and destroy some of the fun. I mean the endless injuries on your new signings and star players. Injuries can be part of the game, but really, this many? Three of my new signings got injuried the first game too, so it is not random, it is hard coded.

    Won the treble this year - the approach works:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0355.jpg

    So, once again time to say goodbye to players that we don't think will make a difference next year:

    Ignacio Chao, 18 games, 4 goals, DML DL 32q, 33 years old
    Arild Genc, 18 games, 2 goals, DC, 33q, 30 years old
    Darren Gillespie, 25 games, 2 goals, DC DR, 34q, 33 years old
    Esteban Diaz, 16 games, 3 goals, DR DMR, 32q, 30 years old
    Ben Bello, 38 games, 2 goals, DMC, 38q, 18 years old. Went from 33 to 38q just by playing.
    Luigi Tittarelli, 30 games, 10 goals, MC, 18 years old, 38q

    Ovidiu Tarcea and a couple of others were sold a few days ago. Everyone sold at the first try on 27th day evening. Only one, Ben Bello, had more then one bidder though. It will be interesting to see in the next seasons if it is still possible to sell players at the end of the season.

    The tactics in the last part of the season that was successful is 451V style, Defensive, Mixed passing, Mixed passing style, No force counter, Low pressing, Normal tackling, Zonal marking and no offside trap.
    I changed to passing down flanks when I had the oppononent with no dl and dr, that way we beat Galatasaray SK in the Champ League semifinals, his team quality was better then mine (26 vs 33,5) though my starting 11 was higher quality.

    I also changed to long balls when I had an opponent with crowded midfield. Thats it - keep it simple.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-img_0044.jpg

    Cup games: 4-0, 1-1, 3-0, 4-0, 1-2, 3-0, 6-1, 4-0, 5-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-2, 7-1

    CL games: 7-1, 5-0, 0-2, 1-3, 5-0, 2-0, 4-2, 0-1, 2-2, 3-2, 2-1, 3-2, 3-0

    Toughest opponent of the season is EC Bira, whose Brazilian team beat me twice and also faced in the final of CL. Kootball FC also beat me in CL 1-0, and in the Cup FC 08 Homburg won the first leg 2-1 when Laudrup did not play.
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    Cool New kid on the block

    I will give this team less time now to check out the new kid on the block. Shows good promise, pros and cons of course, but maybe finally the company that drives T11 will find some competition.

    *Update: T11 has changed the way injuries work - I am very happy for that

    * I am back baby!

    During the time I've been away, Bas Kok has started to play very well and score a lot of goals. Finally! Took this scout 7 weeks to become good. Also, the team won the league, the Cup and have to play the CL final tonight. This year I am not going to make any tactical changes before the game. My good MC is suspended though, that is some cause for worries. The opponent also beat me twice in the group stage - well, I get another chance to win the triple crown and am grateful for that.
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    Season 4

    Yes! We've got an inactive opponent in the cup first round. No need to strengthen the squad until league draw on day 3. My six quality players will be enough to win easily:

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-oppo-day-1.png

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-squad-season-start.jpg

    But, this time I could not outsmart T11 - the opponent from one level above had server-generated players that easily controled the game. My star players did not even create chances, and I blame the 1* defensive line I put on the field. I refuse to take any blame. The manager always make the best decisions for the club based on the information at hand.

    Färnebofjärdens (Swedish team)-result.png

    We do not give up without a fight. We get a chance later today to take revenge - let us see if it is enough.
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