FK Břeclav 2014

Club logo
FK Břeclav 2014 (Czech team)-03.png

Basic information
Date of foundation: 19. 8. 2014
City: Břeclav, Czech Republic
Club value: $ 375,707,134
Level: 10
Seasons: 15
Stadium: 21.000
Fans: Ultras Břeclav

Kits (home / away)
FK Břeclav 2014 (Czech team)-01.png FK Břeclav 2014 (Czech team)-02.png

Squad and formation
FK Břeclav 2014 (Czech team)-085.jpg

Biggest achievements
FK Břeclav 2014 (Czech team)-bez-n-zvu-6.png
League: 4x title, 1x third place
Champions League: 2x title, 1x runner-up

Most goals: István Szirtesi (Hungary) – 64
Most assists: Giorgos Kaslis (Greece) – 38
Most appearances: Jung-Yul Lee (South Korea) – 100

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