Welcome to the thread of my team! Everything is updated seasonally (except players, when a new player comes it will be updated):

Club Details:

aero (previously known as Příbram)-clube-n11.jpg

I choosed the Porto uniform because... It was the most beautiful that had on the store (i was going to buy a uniform from Maccabi Tel Aviv, but I choosed Porto)


Somewhere around 2012/13 I decided to play Top Eleven (for the 3rd/4th time because my team was deleted at the 70 days period) with the name of Příbram, because I thinked that the emblem of the real life club was cool, and I decided to put the name of Příbram. Then, I abandoned my team.

It went abandoned until the World Cup period, when I (mysteriously) came at lv4 and I buyed a Mexico jersey (now buggy). I don't remember my campaign.

On the day 9/25, I came back to Top Eleven at lv9, and I decided to play seriously. I won a Bot cup (all team were bots, IDK why) and I finished in 4th at the league.

At lv10 (last season), I decided to change the club's name to simply "aero". I placed 2nd at league, and I finished in TOP 16 at the Champions.

Now, I am lv11, I am at semifinal at Champions League, I am at the top 7 in my league, and the cup... I was disqualified at 1/64.


aero (previously known as Příbram)-elenco-1-n11.jpg

Here is my current squad.

Fast trainers:
Pablo Martinez : 130% per Intense Practice Match
Ondrej Dujsik : 120% per Intense Practice Match
Silva Wendell Lira : 100% per Intense Practice Match

Notable Players:
Daniel Glaser - He is an example that stars do not totally represents quality. He is one of my best players that I had. Too bad that he will retire this season.
Michal Hycka - My best player. 28 goals in 23 matches.
Pablo Martinez - He is either good or bad, but i like him, because he is my best goalkeeper, and also a fast trainer.
y EsfihaPvP - I renamed him because I was playing a football-like game with him, and he was very good. I decided to buy a striker (I only had Tomas Oliveira), and I renamed for y EsfihaPvP, his Minecraft name
Fernando Pereba - Fernando is the first name of my dad, and Pereba is a provocative name here in Brazil, generally used for when a player is too bad. When I was at school, I left my dad to see the game, and he doesn't viewed the game, and I was very angry with my dad, and I buyed a player only to rename for FERNANDO PEREBA.


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My team was abandoned for maaaany seasons, that's why the bad statistic.

aero (previously known as Příbram)-trofeus-n10.jpg

My "7th" Trophy room

Rules of my club:

Never tank
Always try to be TOP 3 in league, always be TOP 4 in Champions and try to be TOP 16 in Cup. Every1 wants to win all tourneys, but this will be a bit harder, so this is the minimum that I will accept (except for the cup) of my team.
Try to erase the "Příbram" negative past.

Staff of my team:

President-Manager - I
Assistant Managers - Guy who give tips at the game, Guy who do the analysis and Pedro Nogueira (Pedro FC - lv5)

aero (previously known as Příbram)-assist-lv4.png

(this is from a lv4 vision) (his emblem is the old Příbram emblem, and his 1st uniform is ALSO the old 1st uniform)

And my dad, FERNANDO.