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Thread: Galatasaray football club

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    Galatasaray football club

    Galatasaray football club was founded in 21 November 2013.The club is currently in league level 10.The club has won 5 league titles,3 cup titles and 2 champions league titles.Galatasaray plays in the monchenglaedbech stadium in Gomeshire,England.

    League titles
    League level 2
    League level 4
    League level 5
    League level 8
    League level 9

    Champions league titles
    League level 2
    League level 6

    Cup titles
    League level 2
    League level 6
    League level 9

    Monchenglaedbech stadium
    The stadium is a large city stadium with all the other facilities as level 7.Galatasaray has had many huge victories in this huge stadium.The most notable victory in this stadium was the league title decider in league level 5 in which Charles Ward scored a last minute header from a corner to win the league title.Another extraordinary fact was that Galatasaray were unbeaten at home in the treble winning season of the league level 2.
    The intensity in the stadium is always high

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