Hi everyone!

I want you to show my 2 teams. I started with Club Brugge KV in begin 2012. I created washandje fc a few months later because i enjoyed Top Eleven a lot then and 1 team wasn't enough for me. I wanted more matches per day. I was winning a lot of titles back then. 25 times the league with both teams (16 titles with Club and 9 with WFC) and 6 Champions League titles with Club and 5 with Washandje FC. I played until january 2015 and when i stopped because it was getting boring. 8 months later i loaded Top Eleven again and was surprised that my teams were still alive and both had more than 100 tokens. Reason enough to start over. The first season i won the League with both teams and the Cup with Washandje FC. 1 season later i won the Cup with Club Brugge and lost the final with Washandje, also both my teams won the league again that season. Most of my succes vanished after these 2 seasons, I won the league a few times with both of my teams but no succes in the CL or the Cup anymore. It was until last season my 2nd team Washandje FC won everything. The treble, winning the CL and the Cup and all the League matches. They had to beat 2 full 7 star teams in the semi finals of the CL and the cup and they did it. The finals were extremely trilling as they won on penalties both times. Sadly, a week ago my second facebook account got banned and i lost the connection to my 2nd team. I will never play again with Washandje FC but i'm very proud of them, i had never won the treble before. It was my best team ever.

I won't stop playing T11, i'm going to focus more on my first team and try to win some trophies after 4 trophyless seasons. Maybe this season, i won the first 4 league matches and play against a top team today. Oh and they are in level 32.

And yes, i named my strikers Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Maybe that will scare my opponents I for sure have the deadliest duo ever.
Club Brugge KV and Washandje FC(RIP)-fcb-team-level-32.jpg

Team picture from this season, the treble winning season they all had one star more.

Club Brugge KV and Washandje FC(RIP)-fcw-sqaud.jpg

Club Brugge KV and Washandje FC(RIP)-treble.jpg