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Thread: SV Wiesels rise to glory

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    SV Wiesels rise to glory

    A rise to glory - will SV Wiesel succeed?

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    On the 14th of September 2016 it was time for a change in SV Wiesel. With the team being only on the 15th place and just 6 games to go in the season the new manager Wiesel took over. In an impressive run the team still managed to move out of the relegation zone and up to the 9th place to hold the league.
    In his first full fledged season as SV Wiesel manager Wiesel brought in some new players to strengthen the squad. And the new lads didn't fail to deliver. Lead by one of the star signings, the back then 22 year old Italian winger Cristiano Ventura, the club managed to finish the season as only 3rd in the league, despite scoring the most and conceding the least goals. And Ventura not only won the title as top striker but he also garnered the trophy for top rated player and most assists. Still this didn't seem to end the hunger for titles of the team as they managed to pull through to the finals of the cup and deservedly took it home to Vienna.

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    Having now successfully completed their first full season together a new league arrived. Will the team be able to stand their ground and stay in the league? Can they relive their success in the cup competition? And what about their first shot in the Champions League?
    Wiesel knew that the team needed new additions to stay competitive in the next season. With Matthew Goulding, Joris van Zanten and Zsolt Sipos nearly the whole defence was replaced. Barry Frame and Nikos Ousios were the newly chosen additions that should bring the extra creativity in the midfield. And since the main striker Miguel Cobos failed to impress with goals last season he was moved back to the second line and replaced by the 20 years old Brazilian boy wonder Felipe de Araújo Ferreira da Silva or simply called Felipe. Formation wise the team is currently switching between a 4-1-2-2-1 and a 4-2-1-2-1 where the players that are being swapped are mostly the German midfielder Ioannis Kolberg and the now 30 years old Dane John Ødergaard.

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    With the league currently having completed its first half for most of the teams already SV Wiesel could more than meet the expectations in this season for now by securing a 1st place spot after a nerve wrecking 1:1 against the 2nd place Jakarta Ranger in the last round.

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    Speaking of individual qualities in the squad: Cristiano Ventura does not seem to have any problem at all fitting into the league given the top player statistics.

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    Now that the first Champions League season has arrived for the club the fans are more than pleased to have a rythm of two games per week. Also given the already shown incredible performances in the group stage the stadium is filled every matchday by 1000 of our wonderful supporters. They got to see more than just pleasing results with winning 5 out of 6 games and only losing the last while the squad was already qualified for the knockout phase. But there the club seemed a little bit too confident and lost the first game against KAIZEN Fc 1:0 although they were the better team that day. So only the next game will show if the successful run in the Champions League can continue.

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    Being the cup winner of the last year the hopes were high for the SV Wiesel before the season started. And the squad did not fail to deliver. Despite being most of the time the Underdog the team could sweep away their oponents effortlessly and are currently standing in the semi finals of this competition. Can they replicate their success from last season?

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    We've been told by Wiesel that they won't give any information regarding the clubs current financial situation since those are the kind of things that will be first told the clubs members during the meeting at the end of the season. But still things seem to go smoothly for SV Wiesel since the club has made several improvements in their facilities during this season already with an enhanced team and youth training ground and also a new more professional green in the stadium. But the thing that I am most glad about: the club is finally improving the fan utilities so that we can not only take a dump at the porta potties but also have a hot dog while we're at it in a few weeks.

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    Stay tuned for the next installment of SV Wiesels rise to glory!
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