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Thread: Season 4 Success Story

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    Season 4 Success Story

    I'm now in season 4, and I'm new to the forum
    Balance so far:

    Season 1: cup, prel. League, 1st.
    Season 2: cup, prel. League, 4th. Champions, top 16
    Season 3: cup, prel. League, 1st. Champions, quarter-final
    Season 4 (so far): I'm starting to get the hang of it... In the league I have a perfect balance; 12-0-0, leading by 7 points. In the champions I'm in top 16 against VERY strong team, chances are slim but I'm always optimistic! Anyways match is in 10 minutes, wish me luck!
    In the cup I Finally (!) got past the prel, and now I'm at the run already in the quarter-finals, but looks like the run is about to end as I'm against a team two levels ahead of me... too bad
    Well I'm starting to get the hang of it but long way to go!
    Tell me about your stories (preferablly low-level teams like me )
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    I am also at level 4
    and for the first time I reached the quarter

    my trophey: 3 league

    I and my opponent


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    You're one opponent I wouldn't like to be facing! lol
    Well I guess I'm out of the champions... lost yesterday 2-0 at home, I don't understand why because I had a better team, better posession, and a lot more oppurtunities, but since he manged to score almost every single time he tried, there was nothing I could do... the engine can be so annoying sometimes.
    Well, cup is today and I'm also against a level 6, well let both of us have luck!
    About your opponent:
    I would've done a pretty similiar formation, except I would've switched the dmc with an amc, but if yo don't have a good one, then no matter...
    Well anyways having an opponent that got 2nd place last season in league 5 is never a good thing, but still you have a chance! Give it your best and hope for good.

    I have to add that really we should all be thankful for the new cup way... if not for that neither of us would've held a chance against level 20, etc.
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