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Thread: Who's your team?

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    Mar 2015
    Hungarian manager: FC Bokorugró, currently visiting level 3 at server:89

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    Jan 2015
    NW Arkansas, USA
    Olympique Rouen, lvl 4 (already clinched top 3 finish, 7 points clear at top of league with 5 games remaining) Will very likely be in my 3rd straight CL final, hoping to get the monkey off my back after the last two ended in failure.

    This will be my 3rd league title (one runner up). I will have 5 or 6 trophies total by the end of season 4.

    No idea how to find out what server I am in.

    I think this about sums it up. I just reached 700 goals scored while I am still 2 shy of 100 conceded. Today I recorded my 3rd 14-0 victory. Oddly enough two of the three came against this same team. I beat them 28-0 in the two meetings this season in my league. This last one was on the road and I did not attend.

    Who's your team?-ats-4-27-15.jpg
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    Clevedon, UK
    Palace Casuals (a hypothetical team loosely based on Crystal Palace)

    Who's your team?-palace-casuals-kit.jpg

    Season 22, Level 21 - established 30/09/2013 16:47.

    Have fully upgraded facilities so getting 260,000 crowds for each home game and am able to apply all spare cash to getting players in...

    Who's your team?-palace-casuals-history-stats.jpg

    When I followed the instructions here:, it looks like I'm on Server 215...

    Current squad:

    Who's your team?-squad-season-22-level-21.jpg
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    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Always wondered how i compare to others. This is my first post here. My teams name is Kraknel Kick, i am level 27 and so far have never failed to get promoted. I have never purchased any tokens and this is my record.

    Who's your team?-stats.jpg

    Don't know how this compares to others but i don't think its a too bad record.
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    This is my team: Level 12

    Who's your team?-my-team.jpg

    Team is usually a hybrid 5/6* team with an occasional 7* outlier. This is my first time with a 9* player (Little disappointed its not an achievement; because it really isn't worth the cost).

    Haven't used the 1* players yet, to fool a cup draw.


    I do have one of the stronger teams on my server, at my level. There are few things that have favored us, pertaining to the trophies.

    a. I don't send out friend requests to other teams at my level; although I do accept them when received. Because of that, I've only been shark attacked in the league draw, once. I have been sharked three times in the CL.
    b. There aren't that many token buyers on the server. There are people who reload every season in the first couple days, some with nordgens, however only a few go to the scout list. Scout list acquisitions have decreased since Nordeus changed the pricing of top scouts.
    c. The players that prefer Nordgens, recycle nordgens every season or two; which defeats the purpose of acquiring Nordgens in my opinion.
    d. I had a hybrid 5/6* team, with a 7* player or two mixed in at the first few levels. Overall, a solid squad but nothing special at higher levels, but at low levels, that type of quality will just overrun the league and champions league (In the vast majority of cases).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Who's your team?-team-history.jpg  
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    May 2015
    Babe FC
    ST Selena Gomez ST Taylor Swift

    ML Ariana Grande CM Vanessa Hudgens MR Emma Watson
    DM Jennifer Lawrence

    DL Mariah Carey DC Beyonce Knowles DC Nicki Minaj DR Katy Perry
    GK Kate Upton

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    May 2015
    Mine is Offley United I have had the game for 2 months Joined 31st March 2015
    Season 4 Level 4
    Best Season level 2 P26 W25 D0 L1 PTS75
    Top Goal Scorer ST Maarten Villan 65
    Most Goals Scored by one player in a match ST Maarten Villan 6
    Biggest Home win 17-0 v Yohan FC
    Biggest Away Win 7-0 v FC ADLN
    Most Apperances ST Maarten Villan 83
    Season History
    Level 1 7th (Joined Gameweek 21) Cup Preliminary Round Champions League did not qualify
    Level 2 League 1st Cup 1st Champions League did not qualify
    Level 3 League 1st Cup premilary round Champions League 1st
    Level 4 in progress
    Longest serving player GK Warren Bloomfield 31st March 2015
    Highest Rated Player Antonio Srom 5 star 36
    Lowest Rated player Roman Spilden 2 star 23
    This was made Level 4 gameweek 1

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    Jun 2015
    My team name is FC Leo.Last season I finished first in the league!!

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    May 2015
    My team is called Sons of Pitches and is in lvl 3 currently

    Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.

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    Aug 2015
    BenficaXI-Level 19

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