I have a doubt that it seems to me that those responsible for the game do not want to clarify: Why are there teams with extremely strong players in their playing area? For example: A ST player with a general skill of 35% however, in the attack in general the player has a skill of 200% and in the areas of defense and conditioning are all 1% ... I see many teams with the majority of their squad formed by players thus, which makes the matches VERY uneven, as the teams generally have a not very strong potential at times, but in the area where the player plays he is extremely strong. If you think I'm making it up, just look at the skills of players on most top confederation teams globally. I would like to know if it is a bug, some type of hack, if to do that just spend a lot of money on the game or if there is a simple way to do this honestly because I would like to have players like that too, but if it is dishonest I would like the game to take its due action with all these teams and confederations, because the leveling between the teams is absurdly unbalanced in these conditions, and so it is discouraging to play this game. Thanks in advance.