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Thread: Dragzila {Bulgarian team} - Back to the glory days

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    Arrow Dragzila {Bulgarian team} - Back to the glory days

    Hello guys.After a four month break from the game I am now back and more motivated than ever.During that period all of my previous players had left the club and this season is the rebirth of Dragzila!

    Dragzila - Level 13(Season 16)
    Date created:15.03.2012
    FanClub:Forever Faithful

    Season 1 - Champion
    Season 2 - 3rd place
    Season 3 - Champion,3rd place in Champions League
    Season 4 - 3rd place
    Season 5 - Champion,3rd place in Champions League
    Season 6 - 3rd place
    Season 7 - 3rd place
    Season 8 - 3rd place
    Season 9 - 2nd place
    Season 10 - 3rd place
    Season 11 - 6th place
    Season 12 - 7th place
    Season 13 - Cup 3rd place

    As you can see I had got really tired of playing the game after Season 11,but I managed to not get my team deleted by visiting one day a month.I knew that one day I will be back playing the game and that day has come!

    In the beginning of the season I didn't have a goalkeeper and was eliminated from the Cup in the first round.The game generated a lot of 33-34 year old players that will retire in the end of the season.I bought some fresh faces and here I am now fighting for promotion.

    Today I am playing against the 4th team.If I can beat them i can guarantee promotion and fight for a place in the Champions League where I can fight for the big money,but if I lose things will get really interesting in the battle for promotion.

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    браво )) дайте да се съберем някъде всички от БГ ? нещо тема/страница ?