Leeds AFC - Martius, Proelio, Victoria

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Current League:

League Level 2 - 1st (updated 30th may 2013)

MP: 23
Win: 19
Draw: 4
Lose: 0 (updated 30th may 2013)
GF: 77
GA: 16
PTS: 61

Key Players (number in brackets state star rating): Crooks (4) (ST), Nunn (5) (GK), Thesia (4) (MC), Beckford (5) (DC), De Souza Neto (6) (MR)

Season 1 - Took over the club with only 5 games to play and ended up 9th

Season 2 - Ended winning the league

Season 3 - TBC

Cups: None

We are the mighty Leeds AFC, Our motto is "Martius, Proelio, Victoria" which derives from Latin and means March, Battle, Victory. The Club was founded 30/03/2013. We are an English Team. Our Colours consist of Red, Black and Gold although it started as Black, White and Gold.