1. Better Visual on Matches - (PC) i would love to see a more visual more eye catching scene on how by detail the match and movement of players go

2. Detail info On Structures - (PC) would like to see some text helping info for what buildings actually do , what their meaning is..

3. Reward on Achievements - (PC) would be fun in my opinion if completing an achievement would give you like 1 token or some of the helping packs or anything that makes you feel it was worth trying

4. improved menu on live matches - (PC) it would be nice to have like quick formation changes cause with time running and not stopping its difficult to quickly arrange system formations sometimes

5. More Variety in making things unique - (all) it would be great if you have more stuff to put into flags or team appearance and also i think it would be great if a team name shouldnt exist more than once.. like too many playes have famous football teams names.. so many same names