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    Liverpool 2005 Semi-final Victory Promotion

    This very day in 2005 Liverpool FC won the semi-finals of the Champions League with the controversial "ghost" goal by Luis Garcia!

    To celebrate the event we are offering a massive discount on all Liverpool Jerseys and Logos in the Club Store!

    It's just for today so go grab one now:
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    you celebrate a fraud anniversary? lol

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    For anyone that doesn't remember or know.
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    So we get a discount on tokens buying kit`s ? how about bringing back OLD TRANSFER MARKET, player`s here will be truly celebrating if you actually bring this back and i`m guessing MORE tokens will used on market than this discount rubbish, and I`m A LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER
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    Didnt I tell u to hide McS!!! U got the face to roam around here and continue to ignore us???
    Go hide!!!
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    I would buy a shirt or a logo but I dont have enough tokens 'cause in my country there are not enough videos or offers with which I can earn tokens for free. That's such an unfair thing!! Other managers can earn hundreds of tokens a day/week and I have to handle with just 35 Tokens a season. This intervenes massively in the competition!! I wouldn't be angry if all those kind of managers with loads of tokens were put in the same league but if "normal" managers are mixed with such "rich" managers that's just not fair!! They are dominating the league and it's already at the beginning of each season clear that they'll be champions. Even with a good formation or tactics you can't beat them 'cause they are just hundred times better than u will ever be!! THIS IS SO ANNOYING and it destroys this game. Nordeus should quick change something with this system or otherwise lots of their customers will stop playing this game. (Because of this and aswell 'cause of the crappy transfer market system that isn't equal for all of us).
    I don't know why I'm writing this as I know nobody from Nordeus will ever read this or if they do they don't care!!
    What a shame!!
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    I think the higher authorities have strictly said to all the ADMINISTRATORS to not say a single thing in regard with the TRANSFER MARKET...

    I have contacted every where from NORDEUS support to their Twitter Help Page to their Facebook page for the Transfer Market but every where you will get the same lame excuse...

    We are monitoring feed backs...

    I also asked please tell is either YES or NO whether there will be any changes in the Transfer Market at the start of NEW SEASON, but they didn't took the PAIN to reply to this question...
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