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    The second time, first I saw the action game my other friend, Jordi, I log in there and hit the support button.
    When I went to watch the game with Celtic, this time the "support" mask was there and I hit it.
    I don't know if hitting the previous "support", helped to see the mask.
    yes, this can work as a trick.
    If you can't watch a game of a friend (with white letters), and at that time you have a game of a friend from your server,
    then you 'll go to your regular friend, press the support button
    then you 'll go to the other friend which you couldn't support, and the support mask is appearing now
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    It's very good way but in mobile it's very slow to support around 5-10 friend. It take alot of time. Pls innovate the speed of mobile version more. I use with very good internet speed, Galaxy S6, but it's slow

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