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This feature will be a great way for groups of Managers to team up and battle it out against other Football Associations from all over the world.

How it works

Any Manager will be able to team up with other Managers and form their own Association. Together, Managers can then play against other Associations and compete for trophies. To participate in tournaments your Association needs to have at least 4 members and a maximum of 6. Invite your friends to join and begin your road to glory!

Every weekend, 4 Associations take part in an Associations tournament. Every Association member gets 3 points for a win and 1 for a tie. With the semi-finals played on the Saturday, the two Associations with the most points go onto play in the Sunday final. The better your overall results, the higher your Association will be ranked.

No injuries or condition drops

Your players will recover after Tournament matches so you don't need to worry about condition or injuries, they will be exactly in the same condition and state they were before association matches. You will see your players' condition going down as usual during Tournament matches, but after them the level will go back to the exact state it was before it.


At the end of the tournament every Association earns a reward - The higher your Association ends, the larger the reward.

Members can also win tokens if his Association is successful! But we will talk more about this soon


You can organise a short training session with a member of your Association and increase their training bonus. It doesn't cost you or your players anything (it's like a free gift you can send) but you can only do it once per day during a tournament.


Managers will be able to chat with other Association members to coordinate strategies for Tournaments, request training bonuses, ask to loan players from other Managers ...

Loan players

In Associations tournaments you will be able to loan players to your other Association members.

Association members

To compete in a Top Eleven Associations Tournament you will need at least 4 members in your Top Eleven Association. Associations can have up to 6 members.

Associations feature will be launched the next 7th of June.

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