Hi Managers,

Based on your feedback, we are continuously fine-tuning the current matchmaking system in order to improve the overall playing experience and encourage fair play across the game.

From the next season, our matchmaking system will be optimized further while continuing to take into account all the existing elements and criteria when pairing up clubs in different competitions, such as team ratings, quality, ranking, location, club level, etc. As in real-life football, there will always be a chance of meeting teams of both higher and lower quality in Top Eleven competitions, but within a range that makes competitiveness exciting and encourages fair play and healthy competition among clubs.

These adjustments will allow the matchmaking system to better identify clubs of similar strength and prospects of winning, and place them in the same draw. Note that mentioned refinements will apply to official competitions - League, Cup, Champions/Super League, as well as Associations matchups.

We are continuously monitoring both our matchmaking system and the community feedback on it to keep the experience optimized and to identify areas for improvements, so your thoughts are welcome and appreciated as always.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication, Managers. We wish you an exciting season and loads of victories in the weeks ahead!