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Thread: Special Abilities

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    Special Abilities

    What do you think about Special Abilities.Are they so important?
    For an example : I have corner specialist 124 quality with crossing skill 124.I have better player 127 quality,who has crossing skill 129 but doesn't have any special ability.What do you think?
    The question is the same about other skills.

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    Depends on the special ability, but corner can be very usefull. You score much more from corners if a specialist takes the corner.
    As a rule of thumb:
    free kick, corner, defensive wall and aerial defence are the ones that make a noticable difference. The others could be usefull, but from personal experience and what I see on the forums they are an ''extra''. If your player happens to have it, it won't hurt, but don't use a lower quality player just because of it.
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