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Thread: New player, any tips ?

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    New player, any tips ?

    I started playing late last month with 5 or so games left i only managed to come 8th, so after looking around and lurking on here i decided to build my team up ready to hopefully dominate the first league this season.

    So i've taken god knows how many surveys for tokens, watched loads of videos and used quite a few of the tokens on green packs to train my players up, the rest went on money and auctions. I've sold the majority of the older players and low quality players and purchased aload of young 4/5* players and started training them up quite abit in the hope that they'll last alot longer and train quicker.

    I'm currently 2nd in the league 3 points behind the leader after loosing to them today 3 - 1 , I don't quite get how where i dominated possession, shots on target etc and my average quality is 22.1 there's is 15.9 so i take it my problem is down to formation/arrows ?

    Here's my stats and current squad (i know i need a ml and some more subs). Oh and i didn't name one of my midfielders Cristiano Ronaldo he was already named this and whoever done it seems to think he's Brazilian ). I did name my D/R Sergio Ramos though where i couldn't make out the Arabic? name and thought it would probably con a few more people into bidding when it comes time to sell.

    New player, any tips ?-team-stats.pngNew player, any tips ?-team.jpg

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on formations, arrows and anything else i'm missing ? I've nearly ran out of ways to earn tokens through surveys/videos etc so no more spending sprees so if anyone could point me in the right direction i'd be grateful.

    Sorry for the loooooong rant, not quite sure why i'm still awake let alone on here

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    Regarding formation and arrows...your formation looks good but i personally have all players behind the half way line on blue could be down to your other settings...try playing just your own half yet stay attack's something that i know can have a positive impact on a game ...

    You do eventually run out of earning tokens & you will probably have to start buying them in order to progress...

    Read all the F.A.Q's to see how best to make use of the tokens you can earn in game and good luck!...
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    I play same formation except i only have arrows on aml/amr and go counter down wings seems to work for me also if you come across a 4-4-2 move a wide player to acm and swop other for a striker

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    The formation you choose is a good one but could be your orders, you need your moral and condition to be at max and my own feeling is too many arrows especially in midfield as you have them all pushing forward.
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    Yeh to many arrows and not enough depth in your squad, bar that looks like a good wee team mate

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    Thanks i looked around after reading this and think i found the main problem i had my team set on hard attacking, so guess i was just getting ripped apart on the counter attack. I cut back on the arrows and changed the orders to 'attacking' and seem to be doing fine since.
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