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Thread: Force attack and defenders

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    Force attack and defenders

    Hello!!! Please help me out. When force attack is effective or when should i use it? And one more question - is it better to use 4 defenders than 3 defenders? Thanks in advance.

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    Attacking allows you to score more goals and create more chances, all players in the opponent's half should have red arrows for effective attacking and counter-attack...


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    Force counter attack is for when you want to sit back and let you opponent attack you and then you hit them on the break so this is best used with a defensive set up, I don't think you can say 3 or 4 defenders is better than the other but what I will say is that using 3 defenders is more attacking and is better for using than 4 with the offside trap.
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    I've never used either the force attack or offside trap because they can leave your team making mistakes & risking the result...

    Sooner err on the side of caution...

    No doubt these will work with certain formations or against specific teams...
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