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Thread: Good or bad idea?

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    Good or bad idea?

    So this is my first season and my server has a pretty bad transfer market due to it being new. Normally theres no 5 star players and maybe 1 or 2 30 year old star players = terrible.
    I dont buy tokens but i use the free offers and grinded what i thought was a decent amount. i brought a scout a week ago and then 3 days ago i checked the market and saw about 20 5 star players first time ive seen so many - i had no cash so i decided to spend 90 tokens on 3.2mill out of my 115 tokens i then went ahead and brought 4 players 1 18 year old worth 2mill all 24 quality at the time i thought it wasnt the best idea due to them going down a star.
    But i now think it was decent because after that brief 2 hour period of having plenty of 5 star players. It went back to having crappy 3-4 stars even 2 stars.. havent seen a single 5 star player since.

    So was it worth it? considering my servers new and i probably wont get any decent 5 star players and the best players ican get are scouts.

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    I have the same kind of transfer market. It sucks.
    I'd say that spending that much money and that many tokens on players in your first season is generally a bad idea. Although most other managers will also be active at this stage, a little skill and tactical sense should see you do well.
    Also, as you said the players you just bought will go down a star tomorrow, so you should only buy at this stage of the season if you really need that particular player.
    But I'm only in season 4 so to me, anything could be a good idea.

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    If you would have waited until next season, tomorrow, then you could have bought twice the amount of cash for the same amount of tokens.
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