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Thread: Bahhh, Unlucky!

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    Bahhh, Unlucky!

    Unbeaten all season to lose on my last game with 5th place! It was also the only match I missed all season! anybody else get an unlucky spell this season?

    Edit: I said season 3 times in one post... (4 now!)

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    Going undefeated in the league is nothing but a stat, I had a funny spell in the 3rd week of my league season, where I had a few close wins a odd draw and also lost a game.
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    Yeah, i could have wrapped up the season halfway through, but i end up drawing 0-0 with a team 10Q lower, and surprisingly it was also the only match i missed all season.

    It meant i was only 2 points clear of 2nd for the rest of the season.
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    I didn't lose until the 20th game, then I lost two in a row and had two remis... now I finished as place 2 :-/.