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Thread: Season 42

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    Ah, the joy of the cup

    1-1 at home against a better team is not a bad result but not a great one to take into the second leg, which was played tonight while I was out coaching the U6s

    Get home to find out that we secured a 2-2 in the 2nd leg, with a penalty in the 87th minute. Away goals, you have treated me well :-)
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    lost away match 1-0 yesterday at the cup even though I was dominating, so kinda gave up on it. today's match I didn't watch but I won it 3-1, I guess that's the way to go further at the cup, not giving a damn. went 1-0 down after 52 minutes and then Jakobsen with a goal and 2 assists (including the winning goal at the 87th minute) made the change.

    maybe I'll go further than top 16 this season, who knows.

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    Hillingdon Heath 10 - 0 Dimz FC
    Scorers: Kása (6), Srur (12), Brodoloni (20, 36), Malyk (25), Văn Quyết (31), Schöll (38, 88), Wachowski (73), Colella (80)
    MOTM: Srur (9)
    Attendance: 800/800

    Hillingdon win 15-0 on aggregate

    A stunning 10-0 victory capped off a record-breaking display from Hillingdon Heath tonight. Already 5-0 up from yesterday's trip to Madrid, Hillingdon picked up exactly where they left off with 7 more goals by half time. New boys Volodomyr Malyk and Zoltán Kása got on the scoresheet for the second game in a row, while debutants Matheus Brodoloni and Stephan Schöll each bagged a brace.

    It would appear Tom Millson's investments are paying off in spectacular style; this is Hillingdon's greatest ever victory and highest aggregate scoreline. The team dominated the game from start to finish and scored for fun. Furthermore, it sees Hillingdon take the highest aggregate score of all Preliminary Cup games.

    Hillingdon are now gearing up to take on Italian side Velletri f.c tomorrow night in their first ever Champions League game. If tonight's result is any indication of Hillingdon's ability, they could be in for a very exciting season.
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    Wolf FC 2 - 0 Red Star

    After suffering a rather disappointing victory (4-3, victory) against Red Star in the first leg Wolf FC reinforced its defense and limited its attacking opportunities to just an attacking midfielder and star striker Craig White, it took just 8' to get the first goal in, popped in by newly-signed defender Ashley Williams with an assist from Craig White. The remainder of the first half appeared quiet with Wolf FC dominating possession 71 to 29.

    After Wolf FC kicked off the second half Red Star made an attempt to score a goal, however the reinforced defense appeared to tough for Red Star to penetrate resulting in a counter-attack break from Wolf FC midfielder Ryan Giggs, then the ball was passed down the field to Craig White where he unleashed the shot, the keeper didn't stand a chance. (2-0)

    8 minutes after C White's goal the match ended, a satisfying win for Wolf FC at their opponents stadium in Dublin.

    A statement from Wolf FC manager "We exploited all their mistakes and our defense handled their 3-man scouted striker combo very well"

    Scorers: A Williams (8', Assist), C White (82', Counter)
    Stadium: Red Star Arena, Dublin
    MOTM: A Williams (9)
    Wolf FC

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    Season 42-fermana.jpg


    Reddeviljohn 2-0 Fermana FC

    Reddeviljohn win 3-0 on aggregate
    Reddeviljohn 83.4 4-1-3N-2 Fermana FC 80 4-4-2ND

    With the away goal the home side were in the box seat and were unchanged and got off to a dream start with a blistering strike from Crutchlow after just 5 mins and making his home debut and the fans have really taken to him. Then on 18 mins disaster as Holt brings down their attacker in the box but thankfully no booking but the pen is given but the gods are with us as El-Akchaoui blasts over, the away team seem to be coming back into the tie and on 20 mins Hervias has to take a booking as he trips their attacker so bang goes a red bag. So the away side really seem to be taking over and we are happy to get in at half time ahead and the manager takes off Hervias and brings on Tihamer who is just back from injury before he is sent off. Chances are exchanged between the sides before Djioev scores after 70 mins to finish the tie.

    Goals: Crutchlow (5), Djioev (70) MOTM: Crutchlow

    Team Talk: So we are in the hat for round 2 but had a much harder game than the first leg so respect to the opposition for having a go.
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    Van Quyet best player in the last 2 season, club captain has left us to an other club. We wish for him the best in new club.
    now Reclari, 19 yearold home grown player promoted to be club captain, he is man of the match of our last 2 match.

    Verbert and Rodiguez the two young propects has also left club. They don't want to stay anymore in the bench and the Club 's future won't for medium trainer.

    Cup imformation:

    as expected, we dominate Yellow Ranger and won 5-0 at home mạke the total after 2 leg : 12-1 the new club record
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    Palaiseau FC in Sever 46
    season 28, level 28

    competition Played 1st 2nd top4 last win current season(*)
    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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    Cup Preliminaries, Second Leg.

    First Leg Result: 1-1

    We witnessed many ways of trolling in these 6 past seasons, but none was as much hilarious and fun as tonight's one. As you can see in the picture, we managed to let the opponents get 2 yellow cards in one minute, with a penalty. Ofc, our best player Stark (Q61) failed it. Let's be serious, this match was just a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE TROLL. We played a nonexistent team which couldn't manage to even get an "action" at midfield, let alone our Area. We squashed them for 90' with 65% ball possession and the pressure bar on about 85% on our favor, and yet, **** YEAH, we couldn't score. In the meantime, the engine kept on the "late entrance, yellow card" **** and at a point we seriously thought that 3 subs wouldn't be enough. So after the 2nd FK defused in a corner by the Keeper, Wayne got the right cross in and Kent headed the 1-0. With 10 shoots in the first half that was all we gathered.

    Now, seeing at the second half should make you think the troll went away and it got easy; forget it. Yes, we scored three more, BUT all of them were from a free kick: another two yellow cards later, Kent got it twice from there then ALtun got one in aswell. The best was yet to come tho as since the 3-0 scored, we had about 6 consecutive late entrances ALL from the already yellow carded players. Not one was sent off, but we could get a yellow card on Matsukase's first foul (and our only) hence being forced to sub him.

    So as final guess, yes we won, but Nordeus will take its toll from us as we stopped buying their ****-stained tokens. 24 shoots 15 on target in the end, and 4 goals from CK or FK.

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    I was very pessimistic yesterday because I drew team from level 7(I'm at level 5) and I thought it will be hard to beat him.But after yesterday's suprise 3 -1 home win today's match was completely under my control and ended with easy 3-0 win.My whole team performed very well and all 3 goals came from my new 2 signings.Two beautiful goals from free kicks and one from the corner kick gave me qualification to the next round!

    Season 42-greenshot_2013-07-01_21-57-29.jpgSeason 42-greenshot_2013-07-01_21-57-41.jpg

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    scout liste.... no one deserve to buy

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    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
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    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
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    Balkan Boyz - T11 CUP Report (Sz.7 - lvl7)

    The curse continues: Balkan Boyz eliminated in the prelims for the 2nd time!

    Well, don't know what to say (seriously). Since we won the T11 CUP Trophy back in season 5 against Dynamo SWAG, our journey in the CUP has been "short". Last season we got eliminated by the English/Indian Man Utd in the play-offs, and this time we got beat by the Turkish "Fenerbahce" in the prelims (despite being the better team in both games!). And the "funny" part - the Fenerbahce manager wasn't even present!

    All and everything was "tip-top" before the return: condition and morale 95-99%, winbonus at max (800 000$) and the stats was on our side, but the result wasnt!

    (The 2nd leg ended in a 0 - 0 draw, the 1th leg ended in a 0 - 1 win for Fener)

    Anyway, all concentration will be on the League and CL - hopefully we will NOT be troo-looo-looed that easy...
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