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Thread: Price of tickets!

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    Exclamation Price of tickets!

    Does anyone have any tutorials or know me know the values ​​of the ideal prices for tickets according to each level?

    Level 1-3 = $3 ~ 5
    Level 4-6 = $6 ~ 8
    Level 7-9 = $9 ~ 12

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    Depends if your 'ideal' is more money or more possession bonus - if money then raise price of ticket by 1 until revenue hits peak, if possession then raise by 1 until you drop under full capacity

    But be prepared for crowds to fluctuate, because lower quality teams attract fewer fans (like real life)

    If you want to play it safe for maximum possession bonus, just keep prices low because the match day revenue is tiny for the first few seasons anyway - you'd get more from watching one video
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    There are already numerous threads about this (which you can see if you just go to page 2). To add to what SimplySimon said above, here is a quote of mine from another post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Millson View Post
    It's a good idea but it's really easy to work out optimum price anyway. It just depends on your priorities:

    Maximum possession for money
    Just keep going up $1 a day until you don't get 5% bonus possession. Then go down $1 to get the 5% possession back. Keep like this until you feel it could go up.

    Maximum money from attendance
    Calculate ticket price (a) multiplied by attendance (b) to get the maximum ticket sales revenue (c):

    a * b = c

    Keep increasing ticket price by $1 as c increases until c starts going down, then reduce it by $1.