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Thread: Unlink Account With Facebook

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    Unlink Account With Facebook

    I orginally created my team on my Iphone using the 'Let Me Play' option and had been using that option for the last few months. I never linked it to my facebook, because my facebook account was deactivated.

    Today, I decided (for the first time) to log in to Top Eleven using my laptop and doing so, reactivated my facebook account and linked my account to it, just to see how different it is playing it on the laptop rather than Iphone. I done this via my phone as well, so everytime I open the app, it automatically loads facebook, links and logs in.

    Satisfied with my new found knowledge of the game, I decided I want to revert back to the original way I was playing and deactivated facebook (as I do not like facebook and if i could I would delete my account).

    However, now my team cant load because my facebook is 'blocked' (deactivated), so the game starts me a new team when I clicked 'Let Me Play' on my Iphone.

    All I want to do is to play with my original team, on my Iphone with my facebook being deactivated!!!!!

    Also, is there a way to play with my original team on my laptop as well without linking facebook?
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    Did you get an answer to this or is it possible.
    I have just done the same thing and don't use Facebook.
    I have now lost all progress because I have deactivated facebook

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    There are no go backs, as far as I know, once you have linked it, that is it. It is linked.
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    I have same issue. Can not revert and I'm not fan of Facebook. It connected by my child and I want to remove. Been told it's impossible, well I don't buy it and will stop playing if not sorted. btw after the Facebook link the advert network also stopped working n