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Thread: Server Issue Killing The Game!!!!

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    Angry Server Issue Killing The Game!!!!

    Not only do I have more friends involved in the game now...i can only see 50% of my friends fixtures, games, etc which
    is probably the worst thing ever in football as 'who's got the better team' is a regular discussion as you'd imagine between friends.

    Also when you get to level 4 you can not approach friends clubs 'whom you cant see' players, which is even more annoying!!

    is this game worth sticking with or shall I just sack it with every high with this game there is a big LOW

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    I just started my 2nd season, and despite I think this game is great fun, not being able to be in the same server with a friend of mine who also plays takes away a great part of the fun it could give...

    I agree with you that being able to compete against my friends and beat them (or be beaten by them) for the League and others would be so amazingly fun
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