I am looking for 1-2 members who are in lvl 6 - lvl 8 (who is addicted to the game and regularly maintain and update the team) mainly for playing friendlies in a "PREDETERMINED TIME" (1-2 times a week). I am currently in lvl 7.

We can have friendlies when you and I have either 1 game a day or on weekends. We also need to agree on a time due to timezone difference. I follow PST. So no point sending me a friend request through the game but need to be FB friends so that we can chat as well and get to know about the time required and the formation you wanna play against before an important game. I also support my friends in their games as well, unless you are playing against any other friends of mine, in that case i do not support any of them.

Please understand if any friendlies sent without prior discussion, I will straight away unfriend, and I commit to not sending any friendlies without your permission either.

Any one keen please drop me a Personal Message, we can share the link to be FB friends.