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Thread: Can anyone exlain dis situationn?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayanth Suresh View Post
    Sorry Everyone for my language but the problem is still going on!! All my layers hve 80-10% condition and morale is also at max but still i kep losing against inferior teams!!But i tried the way tongly 45 suggested and it is helping a lot!!! Thank you!!
    Sayanth you have a tiny squad in the photo ( your choice ) seem to have injuries too and very little money or packs looks like you need a long term plan to build your squad up try playing defensive / hard defense to avoid defeat. with counter attacks maybe look for some cheap players to use in positions that are injured . don't expect to win every game, start by not loosing a point is better than none. use a good formation like the xmas tree or 442 . build your money and packs through the season just set your goal for promotion ( not to win the league ) start little grow big ??? just my humble opinion
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    get one ST and change it to DMC or MC will be better to you and if you can show us a photo with orders you using.
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