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Thread: Bamboozeled

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    can any1 please shed any light on how this game is supposed 2 work, im 43.1 xxxx, im the best in my league asnd in the champs league, the rest r about 37 average and lower, ive lost all 3 champs games, and ive drew 2 and lost 1 of my last league games, im not qa happy bunny, ive counted up and ive had 65 shots on goal in the past 5 games, but only 28 on target, which is por really if ur all honest, i was home 2day and was playin a side who was 38.5, so below me, they wivn wiv a penalty after my player trips teres on the edge of the box, same as 5 mins earlier the same happened 2 my player n i get a free kick, he gets the penalty, i had 15 shots but only 3 on target, and ive got 2 46 strikers, and as i sed was at home, please sum1 whos been playin for ages shed sum sensible light on this coz im slowly gettin fkd off wiv this game that the makers say is meant 2 b as realistic as they can make it, in the champs league im playin 3 teams who are well below me in average yet ive lost all 3 games n not scored a goal yet, and i dont want any of the its the formation bullshit coz if ur all honest players it doesnt matter 1 bit, does any1 hav their strikers pushin on red arrows, i play a 4-4-2 and hasv my wingers on red only, many thanx for takin the time 2 read this and sensible answers wud b much appreciated.

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