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Thread: Need suggestion for Stats and Condition

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    Need suggestion for Stats and Condition

    I have been
    max attack for striker and AMC
    Max def for defender and GK
    attribute evenly for DMC

    for the last 3 seasons.

    However i find my team easily fatigue after a game, even i put easy tackling and normal mentality
    That makes my team Draw 2 consecutive games against a significantly weaker team than mine
    and put me in 4th place in league and 2nd place in CL.

    Does increase in Physical and mental reduce the cost of condition playing a game?

    Any suggestion for the stats selection?

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    usually i go for balance; with GK prioritize Defend; ST prioritize Attack

    Fatigue is based on ur players value i guess; my highest market value players are usually less fatigue
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    I believe the arrows cause fatigue too, not sure if i'm right or not there !!!!!!
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