Zap All!!

Yeah, Basically so far I have been using a 4- 2 MC's - 2(AML/AMR) - 2 ST's Formation...
[Red Arrows On AML- AMR and DL- DR and 1 ST]
Most of the players are 4* and The Attacking players are doing a terrific Job...
I recently won the Bid For a 5* AMC/AMR Player who is just a few more skill Points away from Being 6*..

Soo I was wondering if I should Switch to 3W - 2 MC's - 3(AML/AMC/AMR) - 2 ST's
with blue arrows on the MC's and Red Arrows on The AML AMR and for 1 Striker...
Would this formation Work Successfully without leaking goals?

Or shall I stick with the Current formation I am Using?

I don't have any DMC's so I cant use them... and I dont want to replace the Current AMR cause he
is doing an Excellent job at both goals and assists [ gives either of goal or assist atleast 1 per match]
My Strikers are also playing too good averaging a rating of 8 throughout...So I can't replace them either..

Any suggestions or advice is welcomed!!

Thanks Guys!!!

PS: Posted it on General Discussion But it Didn't help.. Hope someone replies...